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INSZoom:-Custom Fields

This Overview demonstrates the process of creating a Custom Fields

Custom Fields

Custom fields allow a user to create labels and capture values and can be text, drop-down, check-box or radio-button field types.


Note: Custom fields are only for firm use, these fields will not map to a profile or to a field within a form.

Please also note that custom fields for the case level are only available in Enterprise Edition.


First, navigate to the Knowledge Base ('Setup' >> 'Knowledge Base') and then select 'Custom Fields' under the 'Other Templates' section:


Here you'll see any existing custom fields and be able to add more by clicking 'Add'. Input all the required fields and click 'Save':

Here's more detail for all the options within the 'Custom Field':

Field Label - Name for the field in the application.

Field Type - Defines the type of field (text, drop-down, radio, etc).

Keyword Label - Name for the field's keyword (once created in the Knowledge Base).

Maximum Data Length - If a text field is chosen, this is the limit on how many characters can be entered. If a check-box is chosen, this is how many different check-mark options will be available.

Field For - Specifies which levels (corporation, client, case) this field should appear in.

Field Class -

  • Default Custom Field - This option allows for this custom field to be used within any level of the application. (MOST COMMON)
  • Petition Type Custom Field - This option restricts the custom field to only be used within a petition.
  • Specific Custom Field - This option restricts the custom field to only be used within the corporation level.

Mandatory - Whether this a required field or not.

Corporation (check-box) - If it applies to Corporation-level profiles.

Foreign National (check-box) - If it applies to Foreign National-level profiles.


Once you've created, and saved, the custom field, it will be available in 'Knowledge Base' >> 'Custom Fields'. You'll notice the check-marks on the right specifying the access levels for this field:


The new custom field can then be used within questionnaire templates in the Knowledge Base, or for data fields in the client/foreign national level:

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