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INSZoom:-Changing the Add New Client Questionnaire

Changing the Add New Client Questionnaire

Customizing the add new client form


Some clients prefer to use their own form when adding new clients.  To change the Add New Client form, you'll need to upload the questionnaire you want to use, then change the questionnaire in the Advanced Settings Menu.

Upload a Questionnaire

Open the Knowledge Base, then, under 2. Questionnaire Templates, select Questionnaire Template.

Select Add Client Questionnaire; create a questionnaire name and select any sections you want to include below.  Click Save.

Click Subsections to set the sequence of each section, then click Fields to select the fields that appear in each section.  Select if the field is mandatory or read only on the right side of the field name.

Click Save and Preview. Review the form and return to the subsection menu to make any changes or click Save to save the questionnaire.

Open the Client  link in Advanced Settings, then select Client Creation Questionnaire.

Under the Client Creation Questionnaire section, click Link.  In the pop-up, select the new questionnaire and click Save.

When the page renders, the new questionnaire will be linked and all new "Add New Client" requests will use this form.

To remove this questionnaire and return to the default questionnaire, click Unlink.

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