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INSZoom:-Creating a Custom Alert

This article will guide you on how to create a custom field with an alert

Creating a Custom Alert


Super Admins can create a custom field in Document Expirations and then update the email alert preferences to receive notifications for that event.

  1. Create a Firm-Defined Document Expiration Field

In the Knowledgebase, select Expiration Dates Templates

  • Click Add New
  • Create a template name and description (for instance 21st Birthday)
  • Click Save

2. Add the field to the Firm Defined Document Expiration Dates

  • In the client module, open any client profile page.
  • Select Document Expirations from the sub-menu
  • Click Customize Document Expirations Info
  • In the pop up, scroll to Firm-defined
  • Put a check next to the custom field and enter a sequence number
  • Click Save to all Staff

This custom field will now appear for all users.

To enter dates, click on the document type, click Edit then:

  • Enter the dependent's birth date in the Valid From field
  • Enter the calculated date for 6 months before the 21st birthdate in the Valid To field

Note: A step should be added to your internal process flow to add the dates as part of the normal case workflow.

3. Set up an Email Alert

In My Profile>My Settings, select Email Alert Preferences. Scroll to the Firm Defined Expiration Email Notification Details and click Edit.

Locate the custom field and enter the advanced notification days and select Save.

Make sure Setup Document Expiration Details is set to "Only if there are records - my clients only".