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INSZoom:-Creating and Utilizing Email Templates

These templates give users the ability to make case management and communication more efficient by using commonly drafted emails.

Creating and Utilizing Email Templates


NOTE: You will need to have "View and Update" access for Knowledge Base to create email templates. Please contact the Super User/Administrator of your firm to see if you have been granted access.

First, navigate to the Knowledge Base ('Setup' >> 'Knowledge Base') and click on 'Email Templates' in the left-hand menu:

Once there, select the drop-down option for 'Add New Email Template'. This will open an email message editor. The required fields for any email template are titlesubject and description. Enter the message details/text into the template, and once completed, click 'Save'. You can also attach documents or and e-Consent:


In order to use this email template, create a new email from either the case, client or corporation level. Click 'Select Message' >> 'Firm Defined' and find the email template you've created. Select 'Choose' and it will populate in the email you've opened:

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