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INSZoom:-Standard Edition: Before Getting Started - Super Admin Step 1

Learn how to Organization, Staff, System, Form and Email Settings in Standard Edition

Standard Edition: Before Getting Started - Super Admin Step 1


Before beginning to use INSZoom, the Super Admin should set up the Organization, User and System settings. Use the navigation provided to open each section.

If you have questions, click the (?) or (i) icons to learn more about each setting and the options available.  Create a list of any settings you don't understand and contact Support for assistance.

Note: If an item does not appear in your application, you are not subscribed for it.  

Organization Settings

Navigation: Setup>Settings>Advanced Settings>Org Settings

  • Organization Name
  • Tax ID
  • Website
  • Main Contact
  • Main Contact Email Address

Email Settings

Navigation: Setup>Settings>Advanced Settings>Email+   

  • Authentication for Emails  
  • Email CC to Corporation  
  • Use Secure path for emailing Forms/Questionnaires  
  • Default Email for employee (Main contact)  
  • Send Email CC for Client Supervisor  
  • Send email to Case Managers when Case Receipt number is added  
  • Send Email as attachment for forms and questionnaires  
  • Restrict client ability to view or select email of    
  • Zoom Email alert font settings  
  • Send Email communication to client  
  • Default Email Access


Navigation: Setup>Settings> Advanced Settings> Form +

  • Default Access Period for Forms  
  • Form Font Settings  
  • Form Addendum Settings  
  • Form Email Settings  

Case Managers Setup

Navigation:Settings>Advanced Settings>Case Managers+   

  • Lock All Case Managers Profile
  • All  Case Managers can edit Email Alert Preferences
  • Display All Case Managers in Choose Recipients page

System Settings

Navigation: Setup>Settings>Advanced Settings>System Settings+  

  • Time Zone Settings  
  • Org Terms
  • Upload Banner

Once these settings are completed, you're ready to start using INSZoom.  Please see our additional training modules:

Step 1 - Navigation, Terminology and Personal Settings

Step 2 - Adding Corporations, Clients and Cases

Step 3 - Adding Forms, Questionnaires and Documents

Step 4 - Gathering information and filling out forms