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INSZoom:-Standard Edition: Getting Started with INSZoom - Step 2

Learn how to Add Corporations, Clients and Cases to Standard Edition

Standard Edition: Getting Started with INSZoom - Step 2

In Segment 2, we'll walk through the process of creating an employment-based case. By processing this type of petition, we will cover all the functionality needed to enter both employment-based cases and individual or family cases.

We built INSZoom based on the idea of a top-down workflow. Creating the highest level in the hierarchy saves time and effort. First, we create the corporation, then the client, and finally the case. We'll begin by creating a corporation.

From the navigation menu, select Corporation. The Corporation List renders. If the new case is for an existing corporation, click on the corporation name to open the corporation profile.  Since we are processing a new request from a new client, we’ll need to create the corporation first.

Click Add, and fill out the following fields:

  • Corporation Name
  • Full name of Signatory
  • Email address of Signatory

You are not required to enter information for all fields when you’re creating the corporation. You can return to the corporation profile and add more information later.

Click Save and this takes you to the Corporation Info page.

Note: If you had selected an existing corporation, you’d have ended up on this page as well.

The Corporation Info page includes:

  • Basic Info
  • Info of Person Signing Forms
  • Admin Contact
  • Other Business Details

The extensive sub-menu on the left allows you to navigate to different sections of the Corporation Profile. See the related article to learn more about the Corporation Info Workspace.

Next, we'll add our client.

From the sub-menu, select Add New Client. Fill out all mandatory fields:

  • Client Default Country – Country Client is coming to. Standard only has US available.
  • Client Type – (Because we started inside the corporation level, this field is already filled in.
  • Corporation is either an employer and a sponsor, or a sponsor only.
  • The Employer/Sponsor field - again, because we stayed at the corporation level, this field is populated.
  • First and last name.
  • Main Contact – Is this person the main contact? If not, we’ll need to enter more information later.

If you have contact information, although not mandatory, it’s good practice to enter that if you have it.

Click Save. The Client Info page renders.  As with the Corporation Info page, there are a number of sub-menu options and a workspace.  

Please see the related article for detailed information about the options on the Client Info page.  

Now we'll create the case.

From the Client Info sub-menu, select Add Case/Forms to Client.  A pop-up appears and complete all mandatory fields.

  • The Corporate Client radio button should be automatically selected because we started this process in the corporation profile.
  • The country should be automatically populated from the information in the corporation profile.  
  • Petition Type – this is a free-text descriptor, not a petition name. This information populates the Case List column on the Case Info page, so please enter anything that will you help you differentiate between any other cases for this client.  
  • The Sponsor and Beneficiary fields are already filled out for you by the system.  
  • Family Members who may need forms – if you added relatives, this is where you would add forms for their cases.  
  • The Signing officer and Present employer fields are auto-populated by the system.  
  • Assign the Case Manager(s) and Signatory(ies). You can choose one or more persons for each field.

Click Add Case.

The Case Info page renders. As with the corporation and client-level info pages, this page houses a number of sub-menu options and case details. See the related article for detailed information about these options.

Now you're ready to add your forms and questionnaires to your case. Click the button below to continue.

Getting Started with INSZoom - Step 3