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INSZoom:-Standard Edition: Getting Started with INSZoom - Step 3

Learn how to Add Forms, Questionnaires and Documents

Standard Edition: Getting Started with INSZoom - Step 3

In this segment, we'll add Forms, Questionnaires and Checklists to our case.  When we finished Step 2, we were in the Case Info Page.  Using the sub-menu, under Document Assembly, select Forms.

  • Click Add Forms

The Attach Case Forms pop-up appears.

  • You may Select a group. Groups are categories of forms created by INSZoom to make it simpler for users to find the types of forms they need. Or use free text to search using the form number or title of the form.
  • Select as many forms as you need for your case by clicking the check box.
  • Click Add Forms to Clients.
  • Scroll down and click the check box adjacent to the client name.
  • Click Save.  

From here, you can add more forms or click the X in the top right corner to close the pop-up.

The Case Forms page renders displaying the selected forms. Note the date of the edition of the form.  INSZoom updates all government forms within 48 hours of receiving an update notification from the government.

See the related article to learn more about the actions and options available in the Case Forms page.


Questionnaires are user-friendly versions of forms. Every field in a questionnaire maps to a field in a form. Filling out questionnaires - not forms - is how we get information into the database to populate forms.

From the Forms page, under Document Assembly in the sub-menu,

  • Click Questionnaires
  • Click Add/Remove
  • Search for a questionnaire using keywords
  • Click the + icon next to any questionnaires you need
  • Close the window

You may select more than one questionnaire as needed.  There is a questionnaire for every form required for every petition type.

Next, we’ll add the document checklist.  While not mandatory, it is really helpful in making sure you have all the components of the case prior to submission. In the Case Info page, under Document Assembly in the sub-menu:

  • Click Docs Check List
  • Click Add

A pop-up will appear. Create a line item for each document required, including:

  • Summary Description of the Doc
  • Extensive description (not required)
  • Status: Required/Optional/If Applicable
  • Source (who sends the doc)
  • Date - if you have received it or the date that you requested it


Click Save. Repeat until you have all the items required to file this case listed.

Now you're ready to begin receiving data for the case.  Click the button below to learn about sending questionnaires to your clients to fill out, updating information in the 3 profile modules and filling out forms.

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