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INSZoom:-Standard Edition: Getting Started with INSZoom - Step 4

Learn how to Gathering information and filling out forms

Standard Edition: Getting Started with INSZoom - Step 4

One of the best features of INSZoom is the ability to have your clients handle the data entry for you! You see, after you’ve created the case and added the forms and questionnaires, you can email the questionnaires to the beneficiary and/or the corporation to complete. The information they enter is fed directly into INSZoom.

We'll start by sending our questionnaires to the client and corporation to complete.

From the Case Info page, under Document Assembly, select Questionnaires.  Click Email Questionnaires.  

The Email editor renders.

  • Note that the To: field is already populated with our beneficiary.  You can send copies or bcc other recipients as needed.
  • On the right, you can even bcc yourself so that you receive a copy in your regular email.
  • The subject includes the case number so that when the beneficiary responds, their email is automatically tied to their case.
  • In the message field, create your message.
  • Select the priority (not required).
  • Request a view receipt (not required).
  • Set email authentication (not required, but adds another level of security).
  • Access Date – this is the date the access to the portal will expire.
  • Select the box for “Include docs check list”. This allows the beneficiary to upload docs directly to INSZoom.
  • Include Digital Docs (use if you are sending digital documents to the recipient).
  • Include Shipping details (not required).
  • Send Mail as attachment (not required).
  • Select Include Digital Docs if you need to send any soft copy docs to the beneficiary (i.e. I-79 that you get from the govt can be sent to the client).
  • Make sure Include Questionnaires is selected.
  • Don’t send forms unless it’s for signatures – remember, having the beneficiary or corporation fill out the questionnaires will update the database, which you can push to the forms with one click of a button.

You can see the questionnaire(s) that you’re sending below the email.

  • Click Add Remove in the list of questionnaires to remove any items that the recipient isn't responsible for.  Once you’re done, click Send Email.

Your client will receive an email requesting that they log in to your portal to complete the questionnaires. Let's look at the client's view.


This is the email your client will receive. They should copy the access code and use it to enter the portal.

Your client will enter the access code into the portal field and click Submit.

They will need to agree to our disclaimer to proceed.

Next, they'll enter the portal, where the questionnaires are housed in a secure environment.  They'll click on a questionnaire to begin.

  • They can select a language to translate the form into (over 100 languages are available).
  • Click Edit to begin filling out the forms.
  • Note there may be more than one page. As they complete each page, they should click Save and Continue.

When all the questionnaires are completed, your client can upload any scanned documents required.

Finally, they can click the Send button to send the information securely to INSZoom. The case manager will receive an email notification.

Updating Data

If you prefer to fill out the forms in-house, staff should either fill out the questionnaires themselves or open a link in the client or case profile and enter the data there.

To enter information into the questionnaires:

  • In the specific case sub-menu, select Questionnaires.
  • Click on the questionnaire you want to fill out.
  • Click the Edit icon.
  • Expand the pop-up box and enter the data.
  • Click Save and Continue at the bottom of each section.

If you have no changes, use Next. Once completed, you may print the questionnaire or close the window.

To enter information directly into INSZoom, use the sub-menu links to navigate to each section and enter data.  

Filling Out Forms

Once you have all the information needed for the form, filling out the form is simple.  

  • From the Case Info page, select Forms from the sub-menu.
  • Click the Fill icon
  • Verify the beneficiary and sponsor
  • Click OK.
  • The form will be rendered. Note the number of pages and the menu options at the top of the form.

Review the form. If any information is missing or incorrect, return to the profile page or the questionnaire to correct it. Do not correct anything inside the form - it will not save the information to INSZoom.

If you do update information and need to change information in the form, use the Refresh link to resubmit the information to the form.

There are many features we haven’t covered. I encourage you to log in to your edition and click on links so that you can become familiar with how to get around and use this application as part of your regular workflow.