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INSZoom:-Professional and Enterprise - Getting Started- Step 1

Learn how to navigate, terminology and create personal settings

Professional and Enterprise - Getting Started- Step 1

Become familiar with the navigation and terminology and create personal settings



The Home page is comprised of the:

  • Company Banner - customize-able with user name and company logo
  • Menu - Navigation to all workflow sections
  • Zoomboard - Dashboard with quick links to your most commonly used tasks or workspaces  
  • Profile Settings - Customize-able personal settings

Navigation Menu

Use the menu to move around the application. Note: Individual views of the menu varies based on modules purchased and setup by the Super Admin.

The Setup icon opens to two sections:


  • Setup:
  • Settings: These are your organization settings and are view-only by all except the Super Admin.  Users may go here to change their passwords.
  • Portal Setup - Users may set up the HR Portal for Corporations and the FN Portal for Foreign Nationals
  • Subscriptions - Super Admin may subscribe to add-on apps
  • Knowledgebase - Create and edit the foundation components of the application


  • Billing Statement: INSZoom Self-Service Billing portal (for your subscription)
  • Date Calculator: Tool to calculate the date based on intervals
  • Alert Messages: Messages sent to you through INSZoom from your organization
  • Help - Houses any custom user guides uploaded by your Super Admin, messages from INSZoom, USCIS and other government agencies, useful links and provides contact information to get help with INSZoom.


My Zoomboard is a dashboard of shortcuts to commonly-used sections of INSZoom. When you click on an item in the Zoomboard, a pop-up will render displaying the specific information about that link.

Users may rearrange the tiles on the Zoomboard by dragging and dropping a tile into the preferred position.


Edit the Zoomboard tiles using the "gear" icon; reset to default with the "reset" icon, change your home page by clicking the Home icon.


The My Profile icon appears at the upper right of the home page.

Mouse-over the menu to view the 4 menu options:

  • My Settings
  • Edit Photo
  • Close Banner
  • Log out.

My Settings

Settings is where you can make changes to your User Profile.  Click Settings to open the settings editor.  

When the page renders, users can see the sub-menu and workspace.

View Case Manager Details

The View Case Manager is the first section that appears. It provides a way to edit your contact details.  Click Edit to change:

  • Your name and email address
  • Set yourself as signatory
  • Change your login id

Information for Forms

Beneath that section is the Information for Forms section. This information is pushed to forms that you submit to the government. Make sure that this section is filled out correctly.

Contact Information

The next section that appears is the Contact Information section. Contact info – this is the company’s address information. The alternate address may be used for a PO box or satellite office address.

Email Signature

Users may create an email signature that will automatically be entered on all emails out of INSZoom. Click Edit to create and save the signature.

Calendar Setup

Users should set their time zone, daily start and stop times and set the default case manager (as applicable).


List of teams created by the Super Admin in the Setup module.  Teams are staff members who work together on cases.



Select Access Rights from the sub-menu.  This is primarily view-only – only the Super Admin may make changes here.  This is where you can see what parts of INSZoom you have permission to use.

Note: Any time you see a screen with an Edit button, you have the permissions to make changes. If you don’t see the button or the icon, then only the Super Admin can make changes.


My INSZoom is where you'll set defaults for:

  • My Default Country – Where you operate from
  • My Skin – this is not available and will be removed
  • My Countries – Allows you to edit the list of countries that appear in drop-down menus.
  • My MS Word Letter Path – Available at case level. When you’re generating a letter in the Case Module, (Case>Letters>select from local server) – the choose file link is mapped here.
  • Date Format – select if your default is month first or day first.

Edit Photo

Returning to the My Profile menu, select Edit Photo.  This will open a pop-up where you can upload your profile picture, which will appear throughout the application to all staff members.

Hide Firm Banner

The next menu option is Hide Firm Banner. This appears because the firm banner I mentioned earlier is displayed. If you don’t want that displayed,  click this link to collapse it.


At the bottom right of every page is the Intercom icon. This icon opens our communication portal, where you can chat with our support team, search for how-to articles, send feature enhancement requests and more.

Note: When you search for answers, the answers are not specific to your edition of INSZoom. Each answer will display the relevant editions at the top of the screen.

We encourage you search for a how-to article before you open a ticket for support. When you’re done, click the X to close the help center.

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Getting Started with INSZoom - Step 2