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Creating a Contract or Document

This how-to article explains the creation process and details for contracts and documents.

Contracts can be easily created, flagged for reporting, and organized within GCD. After clicking the Create Contract icon in the top navigation bar Create Interface, fill out the desired fields as demonstrated in the example below. Clicking Save Changes from the right navigation bar will provide more detailed options after the first required fields are saved. After the contract has been created, it can be viewed, edited, and updated on the Contracts tab. Administrators are also able to designate templates that can be used by their GCD teams as described in Document and Contract Templates.

Note: Creating a document follows the same procedure and encompasses the same options as detailed in Creating a Contract. However, in order to ensure that the document retains its Document status for reporting, do not click the Contract checkbox. 

Contracts and documents can also be imported from outside of the application. For more information, see Working with  Contracts and Documents. 


Contract Options Prior to Initial Save 

Contract This checkbox applies the Contract status in GCD. Checking this box will thereby allow this contract to be included in contract-only reporting. Users can, if desired, leave this box unchecked and go back to change it later once the contract becomes active or is officially agreed upon. Creating a document follows the same procedure and encompasses the same options as detailed in Creating a Contract. The only difference between the two types is the status of the Contract checkbox here, which will determine whether the item is filtered as a contract or document.
ID The ID number will be auto-generated after saving.
Title Enter in the name of the contract. This is a required field.
Type Enter in the type of contract. Existing contract types can be selected by double-clicking the entry field or entering the first letters of the type for faster filtering. New types can be created by clicking the add_icon.gif and filling in the Add Item field in the resulting Type pop-up window. This is a required field. Multiple types can be added.

The current status of the contract. This field can be changed later. Available choices are:

  • Active
  • Draft
  • Expired
  • Final
  • Fully Executed
  • In Review
  • Legal Hold
  • Paid
  • Pending
  • Redline
  • Sent for Signature
  • Uploading
Expiration Date Select the date that the contract expires.
Description Enter in any comments or additional detail for the contract.
Folder Select the Folder (if desired) for the contract. Only one can be selected. To add a new folder from this screen, click the link and select the add_folder.gif icon from the resulting pop-up window.
Private This checkbox, when checked, makes this contract only visible to the user who created it.
Notify Assignees by Email This checkbox, when checked, will automatically send an email to the users or groups assigned to this contract after the contract is saved.
File Name This auto-populated field will include the names of files attached after the files have been attached and saved.
Assigned To Click the entry field or begin typing to enter in the assignee(s) for the project. Multiple assignees can be added; however, unlike the Type and Folder fields, assignees cannot be added from this screen. To add players to be assigned to contracts, see Creating a Player.
Mark as Template Allows document/contract to be set as a template for expedited contract management. More details can be found on the Document and Contract Templates page.

Additional Detail Fields

Other options will be present after the initial save. These options provide for easier filtering, reporting, and searching.

Currency This is a read-only field that will be set by your team administrator. More information for admins can be found on the Team Settings help page.
Value Enter in the numeric value of the contract.
Value Note Add additional detail for that value, if desired.
Term Select the Term of the contract (e.g., 2 years, Annual, Month-to-Month). Click the icon to add a new Term type from this screen.
Effective Date Enter in the date that the contract will go into effect.
Expiration Date Enter in the expiration date of the contract.
Tags Enter any desired tags to improve filtering, searching, or organization.
Closed This checkbox, when checked, shows if the contract has closed. This can be selected at any time (after save) by the user.
Agendas Click the folder icon to add this item to a pre-existing Agenda. Agendas cannot be created from the pop-up window.
Closed Date Enter the date that the contract closed. This should be used in tandem with the Closed checkbox referenced above.
Priority Mark this item as priority by checking the box. Marking an item as a priority may help with organization or reporting.
Notify Me of Updates This checkbox, when checked, will enable GCD to send notifications any time the contract is edited or changes.  
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