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Collaborati 4.2 Release Notes

Changes & Enhancements

Enhancement: New Client/Vendor Setup - Creating a new Timekeeper with a different Home Office manually
Description: If the Home Office added while creating the new timekeeper record is different from the Office that is currently going through the client/vendor setup, then records for both offices will be created, but an additional warning message - "One or more Timekeepers has a different Home Office and additional records will be created" is displayed at the top of the 4th step "Summary" in the client/vendor office setup.
Tracking Code: COLL-12310

Enhancement: History page - Office field
Description: Office field is updated to Typeahead search with a character limit of 3 to optimize the search results and the table is filtered based on office field selection.
Tracking Code: COLL-14970

Enhancement: Share the LINE ITEM UNIT/HOURS precision setting to Collaborati
Description: New non-editable field "Line Item Unit Precision" is added under the client's settings page which displays the maximum digits that can be entered after the decimal point for the "unit box" and is sync with LINE ITEM UNIT/HOURS precision setting for invoice on CSM. Expense Rate Precision field is renamed to "Line Item Rate Precision" and is sync with LINE ITEM RATE precision setting for invoice on CSM.
For more information, refer to View Client Settings.
Tracking Code: COLL-14754, COLL-14755

Improvement: Create/Edit Timekeeper (Manual/Upload) - 2 Timekeepers having the same Timekeeper ID
Description: To ensure the timekeeper ID is unique across the firm, an error message - "A timekeeper already exists with the same Timekeeper ID. Please ensure the Timekeeper ID is unique" is displayed while creating/editing the timekeeper(s) if any duplicate entries were found with the existing data.
Tracking Code: COLL-13166, COLL-14933

Bug Fixes

Issue: History page - Load time issue
Tracking Code: COLL-14970


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