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3.12 Release Notes

Release Notes

Bug Fixes

Issue: When deleting a user in Collaborati, listed as M-Admin, an error is thrown when the user should be deleted.
Ticket Number: COLL-8178
Support Case Number: 2017-0519-373280

Issue: Rate Request shows dates on the line entry as previous day if user is in Mountain/Pacific time
Ticket Number: COLL-11051
Support Case Number: 2019-0625-536357

Issue: When a user is logged out due to inactivity, they are not routed back to the login page or required to refresh the page
Ticket Number: COLL-11541
Support Case Number: 2019-1025-562817

Issue: Vendor-specific documents, that were shared via TeamConnect, were not visible to certain vendors in Collaborati. 
Ticket Number: COLL-11542
Support Case Number: 2019-0926-556376

Issue: Pending rate requests were no longer syncing after upgrading to CSM 6 from CSM 5
Ticket Number: COLL-11823 / SUPPORTPRI-47014
Support Case Number: 2019-0214-507722

Issue: REST API is returning 2 TK UUIDS when One isn't a UUID for the Client Specified - Security Risk
Ticket Number: COLL-12315
Support Case Number: 2020-0210-583538

Issue: When creating a timekeeper rate request, if the Firm Admin does not select the Client before clicking Next, they will receive an error. If they then select a Client, the error does not clear and the user cannot proceed.
Ticket Number: COLL-11403
Support Case Number: None

Issue: A Timekeeper reassigned to a new office is not reflected in the ‘Timekeeper’ dropdown while creating a rate request for the new office
Ticket Number: COLL-11573
Support Case Number: None


Enhancement: M-Support Admin user can access Timekeepers on the Collaborati client profile
Ticket Number: COLL-11113
Additional Details: M-Support Admin can use quick links to access, view and search for Timekeepers on a client profile. They can show/hide columns, export to Excel and PDF and print. This user cannot edit, create or delete Timekeepers.

Enhancement: When a new Timekeeper is being added to Collaborati manually, whoever is added the Timekeeper will be able to assign a home office to the TK using a type-ahead search field. 
Ticket Number: COLL-11602
Additional Details: For single office vendors (only one vendor office on the firm profile) the value for Home Office field on will default to the single vendor office. This functionality will also work for existing Timekeepers.

Enhancement: CSM - Firm Admins are able to update the home office for a Timekeeper that has been authorized by the client.
Ticket Number: COLL-11601
Additional Details:

Enhancement: M-Admins can now associate a vendor to a firm in the firm creation wizard.
Ticket Number: COLL-11605
Additional Details: When the vendor information is synced to CSM, the firm ID, Firm fiscal year,  and Firm Name should also be sent along with the vendor Name, ID and address details (this is done in another story so make sure it’s completed for 3.12 before adding it as an additional detail).

Enhancement: When a Firm User is setting up a new vendor/office in Collaborati, they can add Home Office information in the Create New Timekeeper workflow. 
Ticket Number: COLL-11604
Additional Details: For existing Timekeepers, the home office should display on the TKs page during setup. Mitratech Support and Firm Admins can learn more about this process on this page in the documentation. 

Enhancement: M-Support Admin user homepage updates
Ticket Number: COLL-11352
Additional Details: Global navigation bar includes Home, Invoices, Users, Clients/Client List, Vendors, Firms. The Quick Links portal pane includes Add Vendor, Add User, View History. 

Enhancement: M-Support Admin user - Preferences icon on system navigation menu
Ticket Number: COLL-11570
Additional Details: Link to Preferences is now available on the system navigation menu which allows the M-Support Admin to set their user preferences.

Enhancement: Firm offices for an existing Timekeeper will be organized on a separate tab on the Timekeeper record.
Ticket Number: COLL-11652
Additional Details: Firm Admins will be able to access the firm offices information by clicking the Offices button found on the left menu bar on the TK information page. 

Enhancement: Firm Admins can add a home office to an existing Timekeeper that is already authorized by a client. 
Ticket Number: COLL-11654
Additional Details: The home office field can be edited and filled in via the drop-down field (don’t need to include this in release notes, just making a note). If TK home office is missing, it will show a note in red.

Enhancement: Home office is now a required field when using the bulk Timekeeper upload tool. 
Ticket Number: COLL-11603
Additional Details: Everything about this tool is staying the same, but now the sample .csv will have a mandatory column for home office. If the home office name does not match any of the selected offices or if it’s not populated then the timekeeper row will display the status as an error in the last column.

Enhancement: User can navigate to a vendor or home office details/information page by clicking on the name of the home office listed on the Timekeeper page/table. 
Ticket Number: COLL-11697
Additional Details: See this page to learn more about editing Timekeeper information. 

Enhancement: Filter and find a list of Timekeepers by searching home offices. User can also select a checkbox that includes them 
Ticket Number: COLL-11893
Additional Details: This search filter is on the Timekeepers page. 

Enhancement: A link to a Timekeeper’s home office can be found on the list of Timekeepers page. Once clicked, the home office link will redirect to a page detailing the vendor or office’s profile. 
Ticket Number: COLL-11967
Additional Details: Clicking cancel will redirect back to the Timekeeper page. 

Enhancement: When searching for Timekeepers to add to a Vendor, a user can clear the search filters.
Ticket Number: COLL-12079
Additional Details: Timekeeper search fields should not be required and can be cleared or changed to refine searches.

Enhancement: Adding Home Office information during new vendor setup
Ticket Number: COLL-11968 
Additional Details:  Everything about this tool is staying the same, but now the sample .csv will have a mandatory column for home office. If the home office name does not match any of the selected offices or if it’s not populated then the timekeeper row will display the status as an error in the last column.


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