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3.11 Release Notes

Release Notes


Improvement: Single office vendors that have not identified multiple offices to merge under a single firm profile will be converted to the new Firm Structure. This script will create a firm profile for all vendors that don’t currently have one - it will not merge offices.
Internal Tracking Code: COLL-10217
Additional Information: This update also applies to all vendors with only one office.


Bug Fixes

Issue Description: Rebudgeted Budget Requests turned into Ordinary Budget Requests after the submission was cancelled. After cancelling, the states changed to Not Submitted (Client Request) instead of Not Submitted (My Request), which prevented the user from being able to delete the request.
Internal Tracking Code: COLL-7664
Salesforce Support Ticket: N/A


Issue Description: Non-US Tax was not updating in Collaborati when an invoice copy was created and the tax was updated on line items.
Internal Tracking Code: COLL-11054
Salesforce Support Ticket: 2019-0905-551833


Issue Description: An Internal error occurred while a client-vendor association was being removed. This happened while an M-Admin user tried to remove the client-vendor association, even though all of the invoices for that vendor had been deleted. 
Internal Tracking Code: COLL-7854
Salesforce Support Ticket: 2018-1005-481406


Issue Description: An internal error occurred when M-Admin user clicked on Codes. 
Internal Tracking Code: COLL-11231, COLL-11204
Salesforce Support Ticket: 2019-1007-558780


Issue Description: The Rate Request status was unclear at the line item level. Admin user was able to see which lines were adjusted but was unable to see which lines were approved. 
Internal Tracking Code: COLL-10963
Salesforce Support Ticket: 2019-0806-544685


Issue Description: For some Vendors, invoices were not being deleted after taking the following steps: Submit Invoice > Cancel Invoice > Delete Invoice. Invoices remained in the table and no error messages appeared.  
Internal Tracking Code: COLL-7855
Salesforce Support Ticket: 2018-0927-479748


Issue Description: If a previous Collaborati session was automatically logged out due to inactivity, the system required users to enter their login credentials twice when they tried to log back in. 
Internal Tracking Code: COLL-7852
Salesforce Support Ticket: 2018-0906-475482


Issue Description: Collaborati allowed two timekeepers with identical ID’s to be created and saved.
Internal Tracking Code: COLL-11052
Salesforce Support Ticket: 2019-0701-537633


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