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Collaborati: How to create a total fees invoice - 3 variations

Variations for submitting flat fee invoices; also called fixed fee invoices, summary invoices or total fees invoices.

There are different ways to handle Alternate Fee Arrangements depending on how the client would like to see the invoice come into their system. Three options are listed below (but this is not a comprehensive list).

It is highly recommended that you contact your client to determine how the client would to see the invoice.  Tips to view the Client Contact Information and Billing Guidelines here.

1) Flat fee invoice - if timekeeper NOT is required / Total Fees Item Type

This method is not accepted by all clients and the invoice may be automatically rejected.  If your client requires that timekeeper information be entered with fee lines, then do not use this method.  

When you create the invoice: Item Type will be "Total Fees", TK  is not required,  Total will be the total of the flat fee.

Click here for more information.

If your client does not allow for this method, your invoice will be rejected with Rejection Reason: This invoice was rejected for Line item is missing Timekeeper information.

2) One line item using an existing timekeeper

For this method, there should be an existing timekeeper with an approved rate on file.

The Item Type will be Fee, Rate will be the timekeeper's approved rate, Hours will be the exact amount you need or a little more, The Discount/Line Adjustment will be used to bring the total down(Discount = (Rate*Hours) - Flat Fee Total, TK will be an existing timekeeper.

Click here for information about how to create a manual invoice.

3) Flat fee invoice - if timekeeper is required

For this method, you will need to create a flat fee timekeeper for authorization to your client.

The rate for the timekeeper may need to be submitted for approval.  Once the timekeeper is approved, you can create an invoice.

The Item Type will be "Fee", TK will be the flat fee timekeeper, Rate will be the total of the flat fee, Hours will be 1, Line Item Total will be the total of the flat fee.

Click here for more information.

Another variation would be the same as #3 above, except Rate will be 1 , Hours will be the total of the flat fee.

Your client may allow you to use one of these variations, depending upon their rules and setup. Again, it is highly recommended that you contact your client to determine how they would like the invoice submitted.