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Collaborati: Process to Create a New Timekeeper (manually)

Link to Video: Creating Timekeepers 

1. Hover over “Timekeepers” in the top menu bar

2. Click “Timekeepers”

3. Click “Add Timekeeper” link

COLL - create TK 1.png

4. Enter Email Address for Timekeeper (email address must be unique and cannot be used by another timekeeper).

COLL - create TK 2.png.jpg

5. Click Next

COLL - create TK 3.jpg

6. Enter required information for Timekeeper

- Display Code and Timekeeper ID are usually the same and most vendors use the timekeeper’s initials for these two fields.

- Only the highlighted fields are required.

- Choose a Classification

- Check the box next to the client you would like to associate this timekeeper with (there can be one or more clients)

7. Click Save

Timekeeper Manual Upload - Paint.png

Once saved, an email is sent to the client notifying them that there is a timekeeper ready to be authorized. Once authorized, that timekeeper can be used for your invoices with that client.

If you have multiple timekeepers to upload, you can select the Save / Add New button, and it will save your current Timekeeper submission and return you to the start of the manual Timekeeper creation process.

Timekeeper Save & Add New - Paint.png