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Installation Guide

Installation Guide
This section details how to properly install the CMO Compliance application on a mobile iOS device. The CMO mobile app is not client-specific.


There is one way to install the mobile iOS app for CMO: via the App Store. Select the link below to download to view the instructions on how to download, install, and connect your device to the CMO server. 

Common Issues and Quick Fixes

This section covers common client issues that happen while installing and setting up the mobile CMO app on iOS devices.

Issues with Installing the app:

  • I don't see the Device Management  or Profile and Device Management fields in the General Settings.
    • Ensure that your mobile iOS device is updated to it's latest version before installing the CMO app.

[warning] Clearing your cache on iOS:

  • Clearing the cache on your iOS device will entirely erase the content in the application the next time the app is launched. 
    • This setting only applies to users who download the app from the App Store. It is used if users are re-installing the CMO app or if users are having issues while logging in. See the full description on the Download via App Store page.

Clients lose Events and Actions:

  • (Best Practice - Web) Ensure that the Restore to Mobile role permission is enabled.
  • (Best Practice - Mobile) Do not disconnect your mobile device from the internet/network connection during a sync. This may result in full or partial loss of data such as pictures, Actions, or other files during an attempt to sync while in an area with poor internet connectivity.

Saving information in the app:

  • The app saves information automatically. Any time a user changes pages, selects another module, or exits an event the information will be saved.
    • Exception: The only action that would potentially cause data loss is a total app crash. 

Token Expiry field in Mobile Management settings:

  • If the set number of days expires, users will have to uninstall and reinstall the CMO app. 
  • Best Practice suggest setting this number at 365 days.
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