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Files & Folders

The Files & Folders area within the matter record is designed to provide a digital "mirror" of the physical files and folders available to you for the matter. Your site administrator may choose to establish a different file/folder schema for each matter type. If you do not see this hyperlink in the Document Management sidebar, ask your site administrator to make sure the Files & Folders module is turned on from Application Administrations, and to check your matter permissions.

File availability is indicated by a green green circle target icon icon in the "Status" line, meaning the file is available; a red red circle target icon icon means the file is "checked out".

Files and Folders

View file or folder information by clicking the name of the file.

  • edit icon blue—Edit the file or folder
  • trash can lg—Delete the file or folder
  • green switch—Document is available for printing; click to toggle
  • red switch—Document is not available for printing; click to toggle

Note: Site administrators can delete files/folders from the database. Deleting a file/folder will delete all subordinate sub-folders.

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