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View Client Settings

  1. Select the Clients tab.
    The Clients screen opens a list of all of your clients.
  2. Click the client's name or search for a client.
  3. Click the Settings icon located on the left-side of the page for that client.
    COLL ClientSettings.png 

                                     Client Settings Icon

You can view the following for the selected client:

  • Expense Rate Precision—This is the maximum precision for invoice expense rates that can be submitted for this client. You cannot create or upload invoices for this client with expense rates containing more than the specified number of digits after the decimal point. For example, your client may expect from you to submit certain expenses using precision up to a fraction of a cent, such as $2.899/unit per gallon of gas.
  • Payment Sharing—Your client may want to share invoice payments with your firm. If this is the case, you can track invoice payment information, and receive notification about invoice payments. Yes indicates that the client will update invoice status and details when your invoices are paid.
  • Timekeepers ignored on Invoice Expense Line Items—Based on your client's settings as follows:
    • No indicates that when users create invoices in Collaborati or upload invoices, the expense type line item Timekeeper values are saved and sent to the client.
    • Yes indicates that when users create invoices in Collaborati or upload invoices, the expense type line item Timekeeper values are not used or are removed.
      If Yes displays, the following apply:
      • When you create expense line items in Collaborati invoices, the Timekeeper (TK) drop-down list does not display.
      • If you upload LEDES invoices, for expense line item rows, you do not need to enter a Timekeeper value.

See How do I create an invoice in Collaborati? for more information.

  • Apply Timekeeper Rates—Based on your client's settings for default rates for invoice validation as follows:
    • Per Task Code indicates that Timekeeper rates are based on task codes defined in the Invoice Line Items Object Definition.
    • Per Timekeeper Category indicates that rates are based on authorized timekeeper classification categories.
      The client sets this value from CSM.
  • Appeals Invoicing—Whether the ability to appeal invoices is available. Options are On or Off.
  • Budget Collaboration—If budget collaboration is On, Collaborati can receive budget requests for matters and send estimated budget amounts to clients.
  • Budget Sharing—If budget sharing is On, Collaborati receives information about actual and remaining amounts for budgets on the Matters page.
  • Alternative Fee Arrangements—Whether alternative fee arrangement information is displayed for a matter connected with a budget. Options are On or Off.
  • Rate Collaboration—Whether or not rate collaboration is enabled for the selected Client. Options are On or Off.
    • If On, rate collaboration is enabled and Clients can approve or reject suggested rates, use accepted rates for invoice validations, or approve other changes to office information.
    • If Off, the following apply:
      • Pending Client Retrieval and Pending Client Approval rate requests for the selected Client are changed to Canceled (pending client synchronization).
      • The office can view existing rate requests for the selected client, but cannot submit the requests that are created and in the Not Submitted phase.
      • Other requests are unchanged.
        This value is set during synchronization with CSM.
  • Rate Sharing—If rate sharing is On, rates that the client specifies for the office appear on the Rates page of the Clients tab.
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