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How to Use Live Chat

This covers how to contact Tracker I-9 Support via the Mitatech Support Portal's Live Chat functionality


This article covers how to contact Tracker I-9 Support using our Live Chat feature.

Please be aware that this feature will be made available on 07/18/22, and once enabled will only be available to individuals with accounts for the Mitratech Support Portal.

First Step

  1. Log into the Mitratech Support Portal.
  2. Select the Tracker I-9 Product.
  3. Click on the Chat icon.
    • ChatIconLocation_061722.JPG
  4. The chat will start with our AI assistant which will provide links to articles it believes may answer your question.
  5. Select the Product you have questions regarding.
    • For queries related to the Tracker I-9 product, select Tracker I-9.
    • ChatWindow_SelectTrackerI9_061722.JPG
  6. Ask your question and click Send.
    • ChatWindow_AskQuestion_061722.JPG
  7. The AI Assistant will then ask if you require further assistance and provide the following options:
    • "No, I'm all set!"
    • "Yes. I'd like to search again"
    • "Yes, I'd like to contact support"
  8. If the article provided by our AI assistant does not address your questions/issue and you would like to start a chat with an I-9 Support rep you may select the "Yes, I'd like to contact support" option.
    • ChatWindow_ContactSupport_061722.JPG
  9. The AI assistant will then give your options below.
    • Raise a ticket
    • Start a live chat
    • ChatWindow_StartLiveChat_061722.JPG
  10. Selecting "Start a live chat" will take you into a new chat window where your name and email will be prepopulated, and you may enter a subject, and select the product you wish to chat with.
    • For discussion of the Tracker I-9 application Tracker I-9 must be selected as the product.
    • ChatWindow_Subject&Product_070622.JPG
  11. Once you click the "Start Chatting", the chat will connect with an available member of the Tracker I-9 Support.
    • The chat will display a "No agents are available" message if no one is available for a live chat.
    • Additionally, the agent will only be available during our normal business hours,  Monday through Friday. Please refer to the Mitratech Support Handbook for more details



Please be aware that Tracker I-9 Support will only be available during normal business hours.

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