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Network Alliance Usage Report

This shows how a client admin run the Network Alliance Usage Report.


Users with client admin accounts can use the Network Alliance Usage Report to create a log of the Network Alliance I-9 records that have been processed for the client. Running this report will produce an Excel file with a detailed breakdown of each Network Alliance I-9, including final status, completion dates, and worksite.


  1. Log in as a client admin.
  2. Select System Configurations under Admin Control Panel.


  1. Click on the Network Alliance Report tab.


  1. Select All Records or put in a date range for the Start Date or Created Date.
  2. Click Run Report to download an Excel file with the Network Alliance information.


The report includes the following information and columns:

  • Client information: Client Id, Client Name
  • Employee profile information: Employer, Worksite, I-9 Manager, Employee Name, Employee ID
  • I-9 information: I-9 ID, I-9 Created On Date, Section 2 Start Date, Section 1 Signed On, Section 2 Signed On, I-9 Next Action, Form I-9 is Deleted
  • Network Alliance information: Last Session Status, Last Session Status Date, Scheduled Appointment Date/Time, Session Fee (if any)
  • Search information: Report Type, From Date, To Date


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