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How to Create a Worksite

This shows how a client admin can create a worksite.


A worksite is a physical location where business is conducted, employees are hired, and employees sit or report on (for remote employees). Here are the steps of how a client admin can create a worksite.

When an employer is created, one worksite is also created. The employee profile and Section 2 of Form I-9 require that you select the correct employer and worksite for an employee. In addition, I-9 manager user accounts are granted access to employee records based on employer and worksite. 


  1. Log in as a client admin.
  2. Select an employer.


  1. Go to the Worksites tab.
  2. Click on Add New Worksites.


  1. Enter the required fields marked with red asterisks. The External Worksite ID may be required if there is going to be integration between your software system and I-9 Complete using standard API calls.


  1. Click Save.


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