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Kuala Lumpur Release Notes

June 2022

What's New?

User Interface Updates

Mitratech is excited to announce several meaningful User Interface (UI) enhancements to the Tracker I-9 platform that  improve the Employee Experience, including

  • A NEW Mobile UI
  • A NEW optional Section 2 Document Selector
  • Web Accessibility Improvements

Continue reading to learn more. 

NEW Mobile UI

Mitratech optimized the Tracker I-9 User Interface to be both mobile responsive and friendly. The new UI delivers significant enhancements to all existing mobile functionality and now also supports seven Employee and I-9 Manager journeys that previously were desktop only workflows:

Mobile Supported Employee Journeys​

  • All New Hire Section 1 Workflows (Enhanced)​
  • Designate Authorized Representative (Enhanced)​
  • Remote Section 1 Amendments (NEW)​

Mobile Supported I-9 Manager/Authorized Representative Journeys​

  • All New Hire Section 2 Workflows (Enhanced)​
  • All Remote Section 3 Workflows (Enhanced)
  • Remote Section 2 Amendments (NEW)​

Mobile Supported I-9 Manager Journeys​

  • Employee Profile Management (NEW)​
  • I-9/Employee Search (NEW)​
  • Onsite Section 1 and Section 2 Amendments (NEW)​
  • SSO (NEW)​
  • E-Verify Support (NEW)​
  • I-9 Manager Dashboard (Enhanced)​

Web Accessibility Framework Updates

We are excited to announce that the June 2022 Tracker I-9 release includes key enhancements to the framework that make the platform more accessible to all people, including those with disabilities. Specifically: 

  1. We added HTML tags prescribed by the World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Accessibility Initiative – Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA), which increases the accessibility of web pages, dynamic content, and User Interface (UI) components in Tracker I-9. 
  2. We updated the source code with over 4000 new ARIA tags to help visually impaired people use a screen reader to perform tasks in Tracker I-9.  
  3. We made all non-text content accessible with the help of comprehensible ALT text, ensuring the screen reader follows a predictable navigation path with the help of 400+ headings and landmarks across all employee-facing workflows in the product. 
  4. We updated the UI to consistently establish sufficient color contrast for all UI elements across the application.
  5. We made all our employee facing pages requiring form filling and/or data input  ‘keyboard-accessible’. This will help people suffering from repetitive strain injuries and other situational challenges which restrict them to use the computer mouse. 

New Document Selector 

The Tracker I-9 solution now offers an option to use our New Document Selector that streamlines the document selection process in Section 2 by reducing the number of clicks and eliminating all pop-ups. Please provide us with feedback 

We plan to  continue supporting the existing Classic Document Selector until at least the end of 2022. We will keep you updated on the timeline once.

Please see the New Document Selector User Guide for more details. 

Form I-9

Refresh Feature
Added a new UI element to the Form I-9 and Employee Profile tab with the text "Refresh" on the right side of the progression bar. Clicking the Refresh button will force the system to recalculate and synchronize the I-9 Next Action. 

We added the Event Type ID to the payload whenever the Next Action Refresh feature is invoked, to see the most recent status of the I-9 record/E-Verify case.


Remote Authorized Representative Instructions Configuration Option
A Client Admin/Distributor Admin can edit the Authorized Representative Designation page content displayed to the employee with a new content configuration screen. Navigate to the Client Settings -> Feature Settings page and scroll down until you see the new Remote Authorized Representative Designation Instructions option.


More Options for Switching Form I-9 Workflows 
I-9 Manager with permissions can now change the I-9 workflow for the following scenarios:

  • Switch the I-9 workflow from the Remote Section 1 Only to the On-site workflow (if Section 1 is not signed). 
  • Switch the I-9 workflow from the Remote Section 1 Only to the Employee Appoint workflow. 
  • Switch the I-9 workflow from the Remote Section 1 Only to the Employer Appoint workflow. 
  • Switch the I-9 workflow from the Remote Section 1 Only to the Network Alliance workflow. 
  • Switch an On-site workflow to the Remote Section 1 Only workflow
  • Switch an On-site workflow to the  Employee Appoint workflow. 
  • Switch an On-site workflow to the  Employer Appoint workflow. 
  • Switch an On-site workflow to the  Network Alliance workflow. 

When switching workflows, the system will display any required fields (Enter or Edit Employee Email Address and Enter Start Date). Switching to a different workflow will initiate appropriate emails to the employee and authorized representative (if applicable).

Example of the options presented when switching an Onsite Workflow to a different workflow.


Export To Excel Version Updated
Updated the default Excel Version to Excel 2013 for all the Excel files produced by the core Tracker I-9 platform, resolving the row limitations of the previous version.


Employee Email Address Option Added to Remote Section 3
Added "Enter Employee Email address" to the Employer Representative Designation Workflow on the Remote Section 3 page, allowing the user to enter or edit the employee’s email address without having to navigate back to the Employee Profile page. This field will be auto-populated from the Employee Profile Email Address (if any).

Flat File

A Client Admin user can upload an unencrypted file via the Direct Flat File process for all file types: Create Employee/I-9, Termination Date file, Create/Update User file, and Create/Update Worksite files.

User Manual

This release includes key updates to the Tracker I-9 User Manual including: 1) new/updated screenshots of the Tracker I-9 User Interface; 2) improved descriptions for certain features; and, 3) new descriptions of previously released features (e.g. Remote Section 2 Amendments). The updated version will be published on the production deployment date.

E-Verify Training

A Distributor Admin /Client Admin can update the E-Verify Training fields (Test Score - must be a value between 0-100 and the Test Score Date - date cannot be a future date) to resolve a discrepancy between the user's actual score and reported score in Tracker.


Updated the UI with a new feature that users can edit the Business Name and Address fields directly in the Resolve Wizard UI by selecting the new radio buttons (I will select an Employer and Worksite from a dropdown list or I will correct the Business/Organization Name and Address fields manually).


What's Fixed?

Form I-9

  • Section 3 amendments are now recorded in the Audit History/Form Filling History with the PDF updates.
  • Fixed an issue where the system did not update the Purge Next Action due date when changing the Start Date when Section 2 is unsigned. 
  • Fixed a rare issue where signing a new Remote Section 3 for a Historical I-9 using a mobile device cleared some data from the Section 2 business name and address fields. 
  • Fixed an issue where the I-9 manager could not update the Start Date for a Network Alliance Form I-9 pending a Section 2 signature.
  • Fixed an issue where users received email alert (Section 2 Due and Remote Access Completed) reminders when they shouldn’t.


  • Fixed an intermittent issue where the Next Action status would change from "E-Verify - Employee Referred - Decision Pending" to "Complete E-Verify".
  • Fixed an intermittent issue where after the user closes the E-Verify case with a final case closure code, the system did not display the Next Action status of None/Reverification Due/Purge.
  • Fixed an issue where the Distributor Admin with all EV permissions enabled could not view or take action on EV cases provided on Duplicate Case Detected page since the status is Restricted.
  • Fixed an issue where the users belonging to a Custom Security Role had access to E-Verify without completing the E-Verify Training.
  • Fixed an issue where the Case Details Option was missing from the E-Verify menu when all previous E-Verify cases were closed, but a new E-Verify case was not yet in process. 

Flat File

  • Fixed an issue where the system threw an error when using the EmployeeID to set the Termination Date value with the Flat file date value.

Internet Browser Support Updates

As a reminder, Tracker I-9 will no longer support Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) starting in May 2022.  

Microsoft officially announced the end of support for IE11 in May 2021. Microsoft acknowledges that IE11 lacks the security, scalability, and compatibility that’s needed to justify continued support when compared to modern internet browsers.  

What does this mean? 
In response to Microsoft’s decision, Mitratech plans to end supporting IE11 for the Tracker I-9 solution starting in May 2022. If you or your organization uses Internet Explorer today, we strongly encourage switching to one of the many browsers we support today, including the current versions of: 

  • Chrome 
  • FireFox 
  • Safari 
  • Microsoft Edge 

Other browsers may still function with Tracker I-9 but are not officially supported by Mitratech. Customers using IE11 will not be blocked from accessing Tracker I-9, but features aren’t guaranteed to work correctly.  

Why did we implement this change? 
Updating Mitratech’s Tracker I-9 browser support allows for increased performance, security and a better user experience.  By shifting focus away from IE11, Mitratech can develop and test new features more quickly. 

Who can I contact for more information? 
Please refer to Microsoft's policy and reach out to your IT team about upgrading to a supported browser. 


Note: Release dates and scope are always subject to change. Items listed above are tentative and subject to change prior to release due to changes that may occur between now until the actual deployment date.


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