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Jakarta Release Notes - March 2022

Jakarta Release Notes  

This announcement describes the enhancements and fixes for this release, including support for the new version of E-Verify.

What’s New? 


The new version of E-Verify (v31) includes an important set of changes to the E-Verify workflow. The most impactful changes center around the Duplicate Case Alerts and Tentative Non-confirmation (TNC) workflows.  Below is a summary of changes:  


  • Duplicate Case Alert – A new case cannot be created if an active Duplicate case exists. The lookback period for duplicate cases increases from 30 to 365 days 

  • TNC – the Further Action Notice (FAN) must be downloaded before Referring a case   

  • Photo Match – ability to close a case from the Scan and Upload step 

  • Case Synchronization - enhanced synchronization features that resolve out-of-sync E-Verify cases through automation or manual intervention   


To learn more about the full change set, including screenshots that illustrate how these changes will appear in the Tracker I-9 User Interface, please review the Tracker I-9 E-Verify v31 Preview Guide


General Enhancements 

  • In the Help section, we have added a new link to the Support Options page, labeled “Tracker I-9 Client Success Center”, to help users find and gain access to the library of How-To guides and other content available on this support website. 

  • Added two new Fields to the I-9 Custom Reports page under the Reports tab: 

  • "Employee Profile Email Address" - Returns the email address on the Employee Profile (if any). 

  • "Employee Profile Integration ID" - Returns the Integration ID associated with the Employee Profile (if any). The Integration ID is an optional ID that customers define and 

  • Modified some existing Custom Report field labels with new values for consistency.

What’s Fixed?  

Form I-9 

  • Attachments are now accessible on the Remote Section 3 page at the review/approve stage.

  • Fixed an issue where I-9s created through API without start dates did not have the E-Verify option enabled when the Employee Profile’s Worksite was E-Verify enabled. 

  • Fixed an issue and improved the overall validation workflow for List B Document Expiration Dates. Now, the system will no longer prematurely display an error before the user enters a date value. The system will also no longer present an error when the date value entered is today's date.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the user from signing Section 2 when the Expiration Date field contained “N/A” in the expiration date field for a List C Document that may not have an expiration date. 


  • Fixed an issue where the Employee received duplicate emails after completing Section 1.

  • Resolved an issue where the I-9 manager could not complete a Section 2 Amendment after initiating and canceling the Remote Section 2 Amendment.

  • Fixed an issue where the search results were incorrect when searching with SSN.

  • Removed the “Title or Position” field from the Remote Section 3 signature section since the signatory’s title/position is not a field for Section 3 of the Form I-9.

  • I-9 Managers or (Distributor Admin who logs in as an I-9 Manager) can now see masked data (SSN, Date of Birth, and Document number) when the Override Mask SSN and Sensitive Data Global Settings checkbox permission is enabled.



  • Fixed an issue where the E-Verify Date did not appear in Custom Report results for I-9s with completed E-Verify cases.

  • When Auto-Submit to E-Verify is enabled, the Start Date is more than 3 business days in the past, and the new E-Verify Case is considered a potential duplicate, the system will no longer skip the Duplicate Case Alert page. 


  • Fixed a rare issue where the E-Verify Case Details report displayed incorrect information for an unrelated E-Verify Case.



  • Fixed an issue where the Employee could not advance in the Employee Appoint Remote I-9 workflow after indicating that they needed more time to identify the individual who will serve as the Authorized Representative.

Note: Release dates and scope are always subject to change. Items listed above are tentative and subject to change prior to release due to changes that may occur between now until the actual deployment date.

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