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Guadalajara Release Notes - June 2021

Guadalajara Release Notes  

We are pleased to announce that the Tracker I-9 Guadalajara release is ready for deployment. This announcement describes the enhancements and fixes for this release, including a final round of UI touch-ups and a new workflow for the List A, Employment Authorization Document (EAD) Form I-766. Continue reading to get the details.   


Your Tracker I-9 Client Admin (internal to your organization or service provider) is responsible to make sure the latest updates are made available to all users and to communicate major changes.  Since your company has decided to utilize Tracker I-9 Complete with your employee onboarding process, you can be assured that you are following the most recent Form I-9 and E-Verify guidelines for employment eligibility verification.   


What’s New?  

User Interface Updates 

The alerts listed below now align with the look and feel of the application. These changes conclude the User Interface modernization effort we started last year.  

  • Section 1 Optional Fields alert 

  • Remote Section 1 Amendment expired 

  • Remote Section 2 Amendment expired 

  • Reverification Status change confirmation alert  

  • Create Network Alliance I-9 Alert 

  • Stop Network Alliance Alert 

  • Remote Network Alliance Initiation complete alert 

  • Initiate (switch) from Network Alliance to Employee Appoint Alert 

  • Dismiss Required Training 

  • Stop Employee Appoint Alert 

  • Upload a file - Delete Attachment alert 

  • Document Selector SSN Special Notation alert 

  • Section 2 Expired Date N/A Checkbox Alert 

  • Section 2 Receipt Checkbox alerts 

  • Worksite Required alert 

  • Employee Search header 


180 Day EAD, Form I-766 Auto Extension Workflow  

The Guadalajara release includes enhancements to the Form I-9 workflow that make it easier to capture and track required document information for certain foreign national employees. Specifically, I-9 Managers can now easily document when a foreign national employee’s work authorization extended because: 

  1. Their EAD card qualifies for an automatic 180-day extension, or 

  1. They qualify for an automatic 240-day extension based upon the pending Form I-129 petition to extend status. 

NOTE: These changes do not impact the employee’s Section 1 experience. The new 180 Day EAD Auto-Extension workflow is only available in the Tracker I-9 Desktop interface. We expect to include support for this workflow in our mobile application as part of our next release targeted for early August 2021.

I-9 Complete 

  • Update Form I-9 API Enhancements: 

  • Added the ability to change the Employer Representative email address for in process remote I-9 workflows.  

  • Added the ability to resend the most recent email to the Employee for in process remote I-9 workflows 

  • Added the ability to resend the most recent email to the Employer Representative for in process remote I-9 workflows.

    These API enhancements are additional API features that will not affect an existing integration. Please contact Tracker to see the updated API guide for more details about these changes.  


  • Improved the Tracker I-9 Mobile application’s response to clicking the back or refresh button. Upon refresh, the user will persist in the current page; clicking the back button will navigate the user to the previous page.  


What’s Fixed?  


I-9 Complete 

  • Restore service to the News Feed dashboard module. 

  • Fixed an issue where checking/unchecking a checkbox did not trigger the Save button when amending a Section 2 or Section 3. 

  • Fixed an issue where the I-9 ID field did not save to a saved Custom Report. 

  • Optimized stored procedure to improve performance for the Electronic I-9 Audit Trail and Error Log. 


  • When inactivating a I-9 Manager security role with I-9 Managers assigned to it, custom security roles are now available to assign as the replacement role. 


  • The NextAction API call will no longer return deleted I-9 records. 



  • Fixed a business logic error that allowed a user to enable an I-9 for E-Verify processing when the start date was before the E-Verify effective date. 

  • The E-Verify On/Off module on the Summary Tab will now display for users associated to a Security Role with the appropriate E-Verify permissions. 

Historical and Resolve I-9s 

  • Users will now be able to add a New Section 3 to an existing Historical/Resolve I-9 with revision date 5/7/87. 

  • Fixed an issue where imported files did not display correctly when the user clicks the attachment shortcut link for an I-9 Resolve record. 

  • Fixed an issue were the Review/Correct Data in Table option was not available in the Administrative menu options for a Historical/I-9 Resolve record after completing a New Section 3. 

  • Fixed a typo so the correct date is shown for Form I-9 Revision 7/17/2017 

Note: Release dates and scope are always subject to change. Items listed above are tentative and subject to change prior to release due to changes that may occur between now until the actual 

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