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Frankfurt Release Notes - March 2021

Frankfurt Release Notes  


We are pleased to announce that the Tracker I-9 Frankfurt release is ready for deployment. This announcement describes the enhancements and fixes for this release. Notable improvements include a new Remote Section 2 Amendment feature, as well as other updates and bug fixes. Continue reading to get the details.   


Your Tracker I-9 Client Admin (internal to your organization or service provider) is responsible to make sure the latest updates are made available to all users and to communicate major changes.  Since your company has decided to utilize Tracker I-9 Complete with your employee onboarding process, you can be assured that you are following the most recent Form I-9 and E-Verify guidelines for employment eligibility verification.   


What’s New?  


Remote I-9 Processing Improvements  

As part of Mitratech’s commitment to continue to innovate and expand our I-9 solution’s remote hiring capabilities, we are excited to confirm that the Frankfurt release includes two new enhancements that make it easier to resolve errors to Section 2 during the Remote I-9 process through guided in-application workflows.   


Remote Section 2 Amendments  

First, Frankfurt includes new functionality that supports remote amendments to a completed Section 2. The Remote Section 2 Amendment functionality includes the following features:  

  • Allows I-9 Managers to send an email to a remote Authorized Representative with instructions for completing an amendment to Section 2 of the Form I-9.  

  • Remote Section 2 Amendment Requests can be cancelled.  

  • Multiple amendment requests can be sent for the same Form I-9.  

  • A history of Remote Section 2 Amendment tasks and their status appear on the Form I-9 Summary Tab.  

  • UI elements optimize the interface and alert the I-9 Manager when a Remote Amendment is pending.  


Please see the Remote Section 2 Amendment User Guide to see how these changes appear in the application.   


Delete and Restart Section 2 Only  

The Frankfurt release also includes new functionality that allows I-9 Managers with permissions to retain a completed remote Section 1, but delete and restart the remote Section 2 process when the Remote I-9 Accept/Reject feature is enabled for Employee Appoint and Employer Appoint workflows.   


In most cases, using the Remote Section 2 Amendment feature is the best approach for correcting Section 2 errors or omissions. However, the ability to delete and restart Section 2, while retaining the complete Section 1, may be a better option depending upon the number or severity of errors in Section 2.   


Other Enhancements  

  • Added the “N/A” checkbox option to the Expires date field for the following List B Documents: US Driver’s Licenses for Oklahoma, Minnesota, Wisconsin.  

  • Add “Last Section 2 Amendment Date” and “Last Section 2 Amended By” values to the set of available Custom Report fields.  

  • Added flexibility to the List A Form I-551 (Permanent Resident Card) and Form I-766 (Employment Authorization Document) document number validation to prevent false positive validation errors.  

  • Users will be able to add and update the Employment Status module on the Summary tab when an E-Verify case is still pending.

  • Minor User Interface Updates and Content Changes  

What’s Fixed?  

I-9 Complete  

  • Fixed an intermittent issue where sometimes the Document Title did not appear in the Section 2 user interface. The fix for this issue repairs all impacted I-9s and prevents future occurrences.   

  • Fixed an issue where the attachment feature was not working properly for Historical I-9s with the revision date 05/07/87  

  • Fixed an issue where the Global Message content did not display consistently for customized messages.   

  • The system will now auto-select the Employer and/or Worksite dropdown on the Employee Profile page when the user only has permission rights to one Employer and/or one Worksite.  

  • Fixed an issue in Section 3 where the system incorrectly required an authorization document and remote authorized representative designation.   

  • Fixed an uncommon issue where the Next Action status did not promote after signing Section 2.  

  • Fixed an issue where the Reverification Due date did not update correctly after updating the Section 3 Expires date field to “N/A”.  

  • The Resend Employee Email feature will now display correctly for in progress Network Alliance workflows.  


  • Fixed an issue where it was possible for a Remote Authorized Representative to sign Section 2 multiple times.  


  • The I-9/E-Verify Comparison report now always shows the user’s name who created the E-Verify case in the Last E-Verify Submitted By column  

  • Fixed a rare issue where the Next Action Due Dates returned in a Custom Report were off by one day.  

  • The Custom Report fields “Contains List B Attachment” and “Contains List C Attachment” will no longer return a false negative when attachments are present.   

  • Fixed an issue where the Custom Report fields “Contains List B Attachment” and “Contains List C Attachment” fields returned an unexpected error.  


  • An unexpected error will no longer occur when creating a new E-Verify case and the Section 2 List B Document is a Driver’s License from the State of Arizona without an expiration date.  

  • A pending E-Verify case will no longer prevent a user from creating a new Section 3.  

  • Fixed an issue where the E-Verify Case Details report was unexpectedly unavailable for some E-Verify cases.  

  • The system will now send E-Verify the correct expiration date value for the List A EAD (Form I-776) card when the TPS Auto Extension option is selected.  


  • Fixed an issue where the system unexpectedly enabled the Require Accept/Reject Step configuration setting.  

  • The “Create New Form I-9" option will no longer appear in the Manage I-9 dropdown when the Enable Create New Employee Profile/I-9 Functionality is disabled.   

  • Fixed an issue where a user belonging to a Security Role without permissions to create a new I-9 assigned to the Employee Appoint remote I-9 workflow could change an existing I-9 to the Employee Appoint workflow.  


Note: Release dates and scope are always subject to change. Items listed above are tentative and subject to change prior to release due to changes that may occur between now until the actual  

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