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Helsinki Release Notes - August 2021

Helsinki Release Notes  

We are pleased to announce that the Tracker I-9 Helsinki release is ready for deployment. This announcement describes the enhancements and fixes for this release including updated Additional Document workflow for List A document types and other maintenance updates.   

Your Tracker I-9 Client Admin (internal to your organization or service provider) is responsible to make sure the latest updates are made available to all users and to communicate major changes.  Since your company has decided to utilize Tracker I-9 Complete with your employee onboarding process, you can be assured that you are following the most recent Form I-9 and E-Verify guidelines for employment eligibility verification.   

What’s New?  

Updated Foreign National Work Authorization Auto Extension Workflows  

The Helsinki release includes enhancements to the Form I-9 workflow that make it easier to capture and track required document information for certain foreign national employees. Specifically, I-9 Managers can now easily document when a foreign national employee’s work authorization extends because: 

  1. Their EAD card qualifies for an automatic Optional Practical Training extension based upon certain qualifying factors for some students, or 

  1. Their EAD card qualifies for an automatic Cap Gap extension, or 

  1. Their EAD card qualifies for an automatic TPS or DED Auto Extension, or  

  1. They qualify for work authorization based upon a bona fide Form I-129 petition to change H-1B employers. 

To learn more, please see the updated “How-To” guides now available in the User Manual. 

  1. Click here to access the updated EAD STEM OPT Auto-Extension Guide 

  1. Click here to access the updated EAD Cap Gap Auto-Extension Guide 

  1. Click here to access the updated TPS & DED Auto-Extension Guide 

  1. Click here to access the updated H-1B Portability Guide 

NOTE: These changes do not impact the employee’s Section 1 experience. 

I-9 Complete 

  • Improved the Form I-551 Legal Permanent Resident document number validation rules to flag Card Numbers that begin with “USA” as invalid.  

What’s Fixed?  

I-9 Complete 

  • Employer Appoint Workflow: Entering an apostrophe (‘) in the Enter Employer Representative NOW Name fields will no longer throw an error  

  • Employee Appoint Workflow Email Validation: 

  • The validation that prevents an employee for entering their email address as the Authorized Representative will no longer be case sensitive  

  • Entering a valid email address with two periods when changing the remote workflow will no longer throw an error 

  • Fixed an issue where only removing the SSN value from the Section 1 SSN field on the Remote Section 1 Amendment page did not prompt the user to save 

  • When the "INDIVIDUAL UNDER AGE 18" checkbox is checked in the Section 1 signature box, the Individual under age 18 option will be preselected as the List B document in Section 2 

  • Fixed an issue where some I-9 Manager Security roles with the proper permissions did not have access to view or select the “Full SSN” value on the Custom Report page  

  • Updated the Expires Date validation rule for the List A Temporary I-551 stamp to resolve an issue where an I-9 manager faced an invalid date error when updating the Expires Date after unchecking the List A receipt checkbox 

  • Removed a reference to I-9 Pro services in one email template  


  • Email Alerts configured to send to Client Administrator roles only will work as expected.  


  • The E-Verify Photo Match attachment missing alert will now display for mobile Section 2 workflows 

  • Fixed an issue where Section 1 fields were not prepopulated in the Mobile interface when 
    “Enable Section 1 Prepopulation” client feature setting was enabled 



  • Fixed two validation issues related to the “No expiration date” checkbox on the E-Verify Preview page when the List A Document Type is “Form I-511 Legal Permanent Resident Card”: the checkbox will only appear when the Section 1 DOB is on or before Aug 31, 1989 (per E-Verify rules); Document Number field will be disabled when the checkbox is checked   

Historical and Resolve I-9s 

  • Fixed mapping issue and data display issues related to the Section 2 Employee Citizenship field  

Note: Release dates and scope are always subject to change. Items listed above are tentative and subject to change prior to release due to changes that may occur between now until the actual 

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