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How do I track a non-litigation matter that turns to litigation?

This page provides step by step instructions on how to convert non-litigation matters to litigation, and how to run reports on these matter types in TeamConnect Essentials.

What does it mean to change a matter's "type"?

When a matter is first created, it is assigned a specific Type (for example, Administrative). TeamConnect Essentials allows users to convert non-litigation matters to litigation with the click of a button.

A matter Type is the first thing that's selected when a new matter is created:



Important note

Any matter type can be converted to Litigation, but it CANNOT be converted back once the Litigation type is set. If a matter is converted to Litigation and you realize this is incorrect, the matter must be deleted and re-created to change the type to something other than Litigation. 

Likewise, a matter cannot be converted to anything else if it's originally created as a Litigation type.


Convert a matter to Litigation

To change the Type to Litigation, click the matter and navigate to the General page then click the Convert to Litigation button.


A pop-up message will appear to acknowledge this permanent change is being made. 


New fields will appear in the matter once it is converted to Litigation.