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How do I Access Matters/Invoices via Outlook?

This page details how to open a matter from Outlook and add a progress note in TeamConnect Essentials.



The Office Suite Add-in must be installed on your computer before you can use this feature. If it is not installed or not working properly, talk with your TeamConnect Administrator or visit the Office Suite Documentation for further detail.


Receive Notifications via Outlook

You will receive an email notification when an invoice is requesting your approval or when you are assigned to a matter in TeamConnect Essentials. Although it is not possible to update the matter or invoice directly from your inbox, you can quickly update matters or add progress notes by clicking on the link provided in your email. 

new matter.PNG invoice.PNG


Navigate from Outlook to the TeamConnect Application

Easily open a matter directly from your inbox to update the status or add progress notes. To do this, start by opening Outlook and ensuring you can see the matter's folder structure.

Locate the matter you want to update, right-click the respective folder then select View in TeamConnect.You will be redirected to the matter in TeamConnect Essentials. From here, you can change the matter phase, edit matter information, manage invoices, and add progress notes.




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