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In TeamConnect system logs, what do “INFO”, “ERROR”, “WARN”, “FATAL” and “DEBUG” mean?

Explanation of System Logs for “INFO”, “ERROR”, “WARN”, “FATAL” and “DEBUG."

Each new line in a TeamConnect system log will begin with a special word indicating the nature or level of the event being logged. These levels are “DEBUG”, “INFO”, “WARN”, “ERROR” and “FATAL”:

• “DEBUG” events are minor and frequent in TeamConnect, and lines in the log reflecting these events contain fine-grained messages about TeamConnect operations.

• “INFO” events are significant but relatively frequent in TeamConnect, and lines regarding these events contain coarse-grained informational messages about what TeamConnect is doing. “DEBUG” and “INFO” messages are generally harmless.

• “WARN” events are generally minor issues that are external to TeamConnect. Lines in your log beginning with “WARN” may indicate potentially harmful situations.

• “ERROR” events are serious issues that may or may not cause the TeamConnect application to terminate, and are likely to degrade user experience. These are generally indicative of exceptions being thrown by the Java Virtual Machine, and may indicate a program defect. They may also occur because of problems in the environment (such as network connectivity or memory issues). Restarting the TeamConnect application server will sometimes resolve “ERROR” events.

• “FATAL” events appear rarely in TeamConnect and indicate very severe events that cause the TeamConnect application to terminate unexpectedly.

The log level settings in TeamConnect (under the Admin tab, Logging sub-tab) reflect the most verbose severity level of messages that you want written to the logs.

For example, if a logger is set to “ERROR” (the default logging level in TeamConnect) then “ERROR” and “FATAL” events will be logged.

Alternatively, if “DEBUG” is set as the logging level, then “DEBUG”, “INFO”, “WARN”, “ERROR” and “FATAL” events will be logged.