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How do I resolve the error: ORA-29874 when creating a Memo Text Custom Field

Here's how to resolve the error: ORA-29874 when creating a Memo Text Custom Field.

In our On Premise Environment I am getting the an error when creating a Memo Text Custom Field


Internal Exception: java.sql.SQLException: ORA-29874 Warning in the execution of ODCINDEXALTER routine Preference does not exist: hyphen_lexer

Did you see a pop-up error similar to the one below after attempting to create a custom memo text field? Then you are in the right place. 

User-added image

This guide is intended for our clients who host their own environments. If you are encountering this error and your environment IS hosted by Mitratech, please be sure to open a ticket with our support team through the Contact Support link located at the top right of this page.

The high level solution for this error is to re-establish the Database preferences that are being referenced when the field is created. This is done by running a portion of one of the SQL scripts that are used when first creating the TeamConnect Enterprise database.


Required Materials and Rights:
  1. The SQL script used to during the initial setup of the DB schema for creating the indexes used to allow Full Text searching.
  2. The ability to stop your TeamConnect Application.
  3. Access to run the needed script on the TeamConnect database.
  4. An approved maintenance window for the application to be down while the changes are made to the DB.

Note: The steps (below) to resolve this error are the same for all versions of TeamConnect but there are slight differences in the database script that will need to be run based on the version of TeamConnect Enterprise.


Solution Steps:
  1. Contact Mitratech Support to submit a ticket for this issue.

While it is not strictly necessary to involve Mitratech Support if you have this article and the other materials the solution requires, it is highly recommended that you still do so. This is to help ensure the application of the solution goes as smoothly as possible.

2. Locate the TeamConnect installation directory.

The exact location of this directory will vary from client to client but is often on the application server hosting the instance. 

User-added image

3. Locate the Full text index search create script. 

The exact location and name of this script will depend on the type of DB TeamConnect is using. 

The relative path and name of the file is: 


User-added image

4.  Open this file in a text editor such as notepad++ (or even just notepad)

5.  Find the relevant portion of the script.

This can be found roughly 2/3rds of the way through the file and starts with the following comment:
           --Comment: The rest of this script makes all TeamConnect full text search indexes
           --         to be updated in real time on Oracle 10g.
           --         For additional information refer to oracle documents
           --         Also Note:249991.1 on is helpful


User-added image

6. Copy everything from that comment up to but NOT including the line below into a new .sql file. -- The copied section of text should be no more than about 10 lines long.

                alter index INTERMEDIA1 REBUILD parameters('replace sync(on commit) lexer hyphen_lexer') ;

7.   At the start of the maintenance window bring down the instance.

8.   Log into the TeamConnect DB using the same credentials that the TC instance uses and run the newly created .sql script.


User-added image

9.   Log out of the DB.

10. Restart the application server.

This will usually take a few minutes.

11. Log in into TeamConnect and you should now be able to create a memo text custom field as expected.

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