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How do I modify the list of line item invoice rejection reasons?

Q: How do I modify the list of line item invoice rejection reasons?

A: Modifying the list of line item invoice rejection reasons allows you to standardize common invoice rejection reasons. This is done in TeamConnect Setup. You will need Setup rights to see this. If you do not currently have Setup rights, you will need to speak with an administrator.

1. Click the Setup link above the global search on the top right corner of TeamConnect.
InvoiceRejectionReasons - Setup Link

2. Choose "Lookup Tables" from the "Go to..." drop-down menu.
InvoiceRejectionReasons - Go To

3. Choose “Invoice Rejection Reason” from the “Show items belonging to:” drop-down menu.
InvoiceRejectionReasons - Lookup Table

From here, you can add, edit, delete, activate, and inactivate invoice rejection reasons. Now, when you’re prompted to give a Reason for Rejection and you don’t see an invoice rejection reason that fits, you will be able to create one.