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What do I do if I get this error in CSM: Connection to Collaborati cannot be established. Any changes you make may be lost?

Here are the probable causes and solution of "Connection to Collaborati cannot be established" error.

If this error occurs, there are one of two things that may be the cause.

First, the URL being used in the 'Connection Settings' block in the 'Connection' page (from the left navigation bar) under the CSM Settings may be incorrect. If you suspect that this may be the problem, please reference the document provided in this solution (CSM Connection Settings).

Second, the User ID and Password for the connection --found under the URL in the 'Connection Settings' block-- may be incorrect. If you think that this may be causing the problem, please contact Collaborati Support to reset your password. If that does not work, ask Collaborati Support to reset your CSM ID.