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Timekeeper Authorization Request without Timekeeper in CSM

Problem Summary

On the CSM tab, under Timekeepers panel - a notification would show that '<vendor> added 1 new timekeeper'. When opened, there would be no Timekeeper to authorize.





Usually this happens when a user in Collaborati deletes one or more timekeepers. It could also be that the timekeeper has been marked Inactive OR Client is not using that timekeeper anymore.



1) Stop the CSM Sync.
2) Navigate to All >> CSM >> Vendor Control Sync. 

Note: If you cannot find the Vendor Sync Control under All, follow the below steps:

  • Navigate to the Setup > System Settings > Default Object Views. Check what's the object view set for CSM Settings object.
  • Once you note that, Go to: Object Definition > CSM Settings.
  • Click the Object Views
  • Choose the Object View that was set in the Default Object Views for the CSM Settings object.
  • Add the block: Vendor Sync Controls. Note: You can add this block on any tab you like. You can also create a new tab if you want and add the block there.
  • Click Save.

3) Search for the Vendor Sync Control for Vendor name seen in the notification.
4) Edit the Vendor Sync Control details and do the following:
    (i) Check the 'Synchronize Timekeepers List' box.
    (ii) Also, set the value to 0 in 'Number of Unmapped Timekeepers' field.
5) Save the Vendor Sync Control and rerun the CSM Sync.


This would remove the incorrect notification from the Timekeepers Panel, post the successful CSM Sync.