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TeamConnect: How do I remove a SSL Library?

TeamConnect SSL Library Removal

Category: Compatibility



TeamConnect version 4.0.10 and below includes a library to supplement SSL / TLS functions within the application which is incompatible with a pending security update that needs to be made to Collaborati to improve the security for both our law firm and corporate clients.


The below modification to your on-premise TeamConnect deployment should be made before the security update is implemented. By not making the modification, there is risk that your on-premise TeamConnect application will not be able to communicate with Collaborati.



The steps provided in this document will allow for continued access to Collaborati via CSM Sync.





  1. Stop your application server. 
  2. Backup your war file for TCE 4.x into a separate folder.                                                                                                               
    An example file path on Microsoft Windows is:  C:\Program Files (x86)\Mitratech\TeamConnect Enterprise 4.0\programs\teamconnect\TeamConnect-4.0.war
  3. Open war file using Total Commander or 7zip open archive.                                                                                      
  4. Then go to WEB-INF. 
  5. Click on lib folder.
  6. Delete the two jar files:  bcprov-jdkxx-xxx.jar, bcprov-jdkxx-x.xx.jar 
  7. Copy modified war and replace old war file  in its original path.
  8. Redeploy the WAR file in your application server.
  9. Start your application server and login to TeamConnect.

Testing Steps

  1. Navigate to CSM Settings and verify the URL matches -
  2. Edit CSM Settings and change the URL to -
  3. Save CSM Settings
  4. Validate CSM connection by clicking "Test Connection" and note the response message
  5. Once the connection has been validated, revert back the URL to - using Step 2 and Step 3
  6. If any problems or errors show, please send an email to which includes the error you received.
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