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Using Templates

Templates define what information is automatically filled in for each type of record and which sub- object or related records are automatically created. You may use templates with wizards, pre- population rules, and custom action rules.

All of these elements support the following functionality:

  • Creating a new record and populating its fields
  • Creating related and sub-object records for the current object and populating their fields
  • Populating assignees and attendees and specifying the main assignee by role
  • Specifying the default category with a static value
  • Populating categories
  • Specifying a phase for custom objects

Pre-population and custom action rules support the following additional template functionality:

  • Populating fields of existing records
  • Performing phase changes

For information about using templates with rules, see Using Rules. For information about using templates with wizards, see Whether to Use Templates.

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