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Viewing Object Definitions

You may access system object definitions and existing custom object definitions in the Object Definition List screen.

The Object Definition List screen (Object Definition List image) provides a snapshot of the existing object definitions. This screen summarizes their general information and relationships to each other.

You may sort the object definition list into ascending or descending order by clicking the Object Definition label.

To open an existing object definition

  1. From the Go to drop-down list click Object Definitions.
    The Object Definition List screen appears.
  2. Click the hyperlink of the object definition you want to open.
    The General tab of the selected object definition appears.
    Click the tab where you want to view, add, or modify the object information. For details, see About Object Definitions.

Although Involved as well as embedded object definitions appear in the list, they can only be created from within their parent custom object definition. For more details on creating custom objects, see Creating Custom Objects.

The following table describes the items in the object definition list.

Object Definition List Screen         

User interface element



Displays a new custom object definition screen with empty fields where you can define a new custom object. For more details on the definition procedure, see Creating Custom Objects.

Note: You cannot use this button to create system objects, nor embedded custom objects. Embedded custom objects, Milestone and Involved objects can be created only from within their parent object definitions.


Click to refresh the list after adding object definitions or deleting existing ones.

Object Definition

  • Displays a list of all available object definitions, including MilestoneInvolved, and embedded object definitions, in a hierarchical tree structure. The display structure and functionality is similar to that of the Windows® Explorer® where you can collapse and expand parent nodes that have sub-nodes within them.

    Note: The hierarchical relationships are reflected only for custom object definitions.
  • Click hyperlinks to access object definition screens where you can view and modify the necessary properties through the respective tabs. For more details on the tabs and associated properties, see the System and Custom Object Definition Screen Tabs table.
  • The types of the displayed object definitions are indicated by the following icons:

image—System object definition

image—Custom object definition

image—Embedded custom object definition

  • Click the column heading to sort the list alphabetically, according to the first, top-level nodes in the tree structure.

Unique Code

Displays the unique codes of the object definitions. Click the column heading to sort the list alphabetically.

Contact- Centric

Indicates which custom object definitions are contact-centric:

  • If a custom object definition is contact-centric, the role of the main contact appears.
  • If not, the column remains empty.

This column is not sortable.

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