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Creating Templates: Process Outline

There are multiple steps involved in creating the content, header, and document sections of the document template. These steps are in order within this document.

To create a document template

  1. Write the document template text, with placeholders for all tags you will need. These placeholders will be replaced later with Document Generator tags. This step is described in detail in Writing Document Template Text.
  2. Replace placeholders with Document Generator tags that will retrieve data. This step is described in detail in Document Generator Tags Summary.
  3. Convert the file to XML and create user interface filter and input pages in the header section.

    If the document requires the user to select any data or enter text into the document, you must create filter and input pages that will be displayed for the user when Document Generator is invoked, by including the appropriate tc:filter and tc:input tags within the header section of the document template. This step is described in detail in Using Document Template Headers.
  4. Specify the application that will launch and open the generated document.

    After completing the previous steps, you will need to finalize the template by enclosing all of the text and tags in the appropriate outer tags. This step is described in detail in Completing the Document Template.
  5. Test the XML code of the document template.

    Before uploading the document template, you must test it to see if the XML code is well- formatted and fully functional. Internet Explorer, or any other XML viewing application, can be used for this testing.
  6. Upload the document template.

    Upload your document template into the proper folder within the Documents area of TeamConnect. This step is described in detail in Uploading Document Templates.
  7. Test the document template within TeamConnect.

    After uploading the document template to TeamConnect, test the template to verify that the tags in the template retrieve data correctly by generating a document. This step is described in detail in Testing Document Generator Templates.
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