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Using Document Template Headers

The header section of a document template is where you define filter pages and input pages for the end user. A filter page prompts the user who is generating a document to select records, or possibly sub-objects, from which data should be retrieved. An input page prompts the user to enter information that will be included in the generated document.

These pages are defined using the following tags:

The header section of the document template may consist of zero, one or many instances of the tc:filter and tc:input tags, depending on how many different records need to be identified in order to retrieve data, as well as how many different pieces of information the user needs to input manually.

The tc:filter and tc:input tags used in the header section to define filter and input pages must have corresponding tc:filter and tc:input tags in the content section, which refer to the filter and input pages you defined. The tc:filter and tc:input tags in the content section specify the data to be retrieved by TeamConnect.

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