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Uploading Document Templates

Now that you have created the content, header, and document sections of your document template and resolved all errors, you can now upload the document template into the Documents area of TeamConnect to make available to users.

To upload document templates into TeamConnect

  1. Open the appropriate object definition and go to the object's folder.
  2. Open the Document Templates folder.
    Important: Remember that the template must be uploaded to the Custom or System Object on which all of its tags are based. For more information, see Object Dependency.
  3. Click the Upload File button on the toolbar. The Upload New File window opens.
  4. Click the Browse button in the Upload New File window and find the document template you would like to upload.
  5. Click Upload File.

The XML file you created is immediately available to the user when invoking the Document Generator.

The document generator template image is an example of a finished letter that was created with the Document Generator. Compare the finished letter to the template shown in the document generator template page two image. Notice the data that each tag in the document generator template page two image retrieved and inserted into the generated document in the document generator template image.

Caution: Once you have chosen the directory that will hold your document template, you should not rename, delete, or move that directory. You should also not rename delete or move files within that directory. If you do these operations, the associated documents will no longer work correctly for end users at runtime.

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