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Creating an SOP Record Manually

This article provides the information about how to create the Service of Process Record Manually and upload the documents to a record.

For court documents that arrive at your office by mail or are hand-delivered, SOP Manager lets you create an SOP record manually. After you create a record manually, and then save it, it is in Pending status, Intake phase and can be processed normally.

You can edit any fields in a SOP record that is created manually.

If there are documents that you want to attach to this SOP record, you can upload them manually to the Documents tab. See Uploading Documents to an SOP Record for more information.

To create an SOP record manually

  1. Click the All tab, and then click the appropriate RA.
  2. Click New, and then click New Service of Process - <RA name>. The new record opens to the General page.
  3. On the General page, enter the appropriate information. See Viewing or Editing SOP General Information for more information.
    On the General page, Name is a required field. You do not have to complete any other fields or additional pages before you save this record, but as you receive more information, you should complete all of the fields.
  4. Use the links in the left pane to enter additional information:
  5. Select a save option. See Saving SOP Records for more information.
    Once the record is saved, you can view it by clicking its SOP link. The new record is listed in the Pending SOPs pane in the Title of Action column.

Uploading Documents to an SOP Record

You can manually upload scanned documents to the Documents page of an SOP record.

To upload a document to an SOP record

  1. Open the SOP record to which you want to upload a document. See Viewing SOP Records for more information.
  2. In the left pane, click the Documents link.
  3. Click the upload button.

    Uploading Documents
  4. Complete the information in the Upload New File window.
  5. Click upload file.
    The document is uploaded and accessible on the Documents page.
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