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TeamConnect Outlook Matter Creation 3.2+

This page contains the instructions for TeamConnect Outlook Matter Creation added in Office Suite version 3.1.


3.2+ Specs & Features

With the Office Suite 3.2 version of the add-in in Outlook, users now have expanded options to create matters in TeamConnect directly from Outlook.



Notes about TeamConnect versions and compatible 3rd party software

  • The updated Create Matter from Outlook feature is only available to clients who are using TeamConnect 6.1 with the Office Suite 3.2 version. 
  • TeamConnect Essentials 6.1 does not support the Create Matter from Outlook feature.
  • Office Suite 3.2 does not support Office or Outlook 2013.



Office Suite 3.2 Offers many expanded features of the Matter Creation tool introduced in 3.1. Below are some of the new tools and features available in this version. If you need help starting off with the Matter Creation tool, please start at the top of this guide. 

Tree Picker

TeamConnect administrators now have the ability to hide the category tree for users which will offer a single-picker option.

This can be found in the TeamConnect setup:


Once the Do not display category tree option has been selected, the tree will not be available in the Matter Creation tool:



CMT/DMT Upgrades

Matter Creation from Outlook are now transferred via the CTU/DMT to prevent issues with future upgrades and/or design migrations.

Category Security Rights Respected

A single drop-down list is available for category selection, the list will now respect category level security to create the same experience as in TeamConnect. This applies for all Matter Fields which are linked to categories.



Generate Lookup Tables

Administrators are now able to generate lookup table to mirror Object Categories. To better utilize the single picker drop-down list for Matter Categories, a lookup table must mirror the object categories. A button now exists to automatically create this list removes room for error and allows TeamConnect admins to quickly configure the Office Suite Matter Creation.


If you have any other issues, please consult one of the below or reach out to TeamConnect Support for assistance.

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