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Authorizing Offices

This guide gives the information about CSM offices and how to authorize a new office.

From the Offices page, you can use the New Office Authorization wizard to authorize multiple offices (map Collaborati offices to the corresponding contact records in TeamConnect). Afterward, the Offices page will display a list of authorized offices.

Before you can use the New Office Authorization wizard, the offices you plan to authorize should already have been added in Collaborati.

From the New Office Authorization wizard, verify the following:

  • The office names should display under the Offices from Collaborati column from the Office Contact Mapping table. If you do not see expected office names, you may need to contact Mitratech Support to verify that the office has been added to Collaborati.
  • On the first page of the New Office Authorization wizard, CSM will automatically suggest a contact record match (under the Contact column) for each office from Collaborati (under the Offices from Collaborati column). Check that the correct contact has been selected.

New Office Authorization Wizard

To authorize offices

  1. Click the Offices link from the left pane.
  2. Click New Office Authorization Wizard.

Note: Based on the current status of the CSM-Collaborati synchronization, a warning message may appear to remind you that you must wait until synchronization is stopped before using the New Office Authorization Wizard. Click the Stop synchronization now link on the warning message to stop synchronization. While synchronization is stopping, all fields in the wizard are unavailable. When synchronization is stopped, all fields become available and you can continue.

The New Office Authorization wizard opens and displays all of your offices that have been added to Collaborati but have not yet been mapped to their corresponding contacts in TeamConnect.

If you have many offices and want to segment your workload by authorizing them in sub- sets, use Show Search to expand the search fields on the screen. Using the search fields, enter information about the office or set of offices you want to authorize and click View. The application displays offices matching your criteria.

  1. Select the check box next to the offices you wish to authorize, or click Check All to select all the offices displayed on the screen.
  2. Suggested contact cards for each office are displayed in the Contact column. These contacts are automatically selected based on the office's taxpayer ID, postal code, city, office name, address, and phone number. If more than one TeamConnect contact card matches the office from Collaborati, the Other matches exist message is displayed on the right.
    The screen might list incorrect office contacts, so you must carefully review each mapping suggestion before clicking Next. For example, contact records with incomplete information, or several contact cards for a law firm with similar names can result in incorrect mapping.
    If you would like to override a suggested office contact, use the contact search module to find another contact:
    1. Click the  search button displayed next to the Contact field.
    2. Enter search criteria to find the correct office contact.
    3. Once you locate the correct contact record, click OK.
  3. After you have mapped all desired offices to contacts, click the Next button in the top-right corner of the screen. The results of the Office-to-Contact mapping are displayed.
  4. For each mapped office, verify the office name with the matching Contact name and address.
    Incorrect mappings may not be easy to identify after you confirm this mapping, especially if you selected the option to Automatically update contact records with latest Collaborati Office Information on the General page from the CSM Settings screen (see Defining Global Billing Code, Office, and Timekeeper Settings for details).
  5. Click Finish to signify that office authorization and mapping are complete. The new Collaborati office is authorized and the mapping is saved.
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