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Installing Tender Requests Screens

This article provides the information about how to install Tender Requests screens.

Tender Request functionality is designed to be utilized by clients with Collaborati Spend Management (CSM) 4.0 Update 4 and later. Collaborati Spend Management users prior to version 4.0 Update 4 (4.0.4) can examine the CSM 4.0 Update 4 release notes found here for more detail.

Users and groups with the necessary CSM permissions are able to install Tender Requests to their matter object views via the Module Setup Tool.

Installing Tender Request Screens

  1. Ensure that you have CSM 4.0 Update 1 or later as well as access to installing new modules.
  2. Click Tools from the TeamConnect home screen.
  3. From the drop-down list, click Module Setup Tool.
  4. From the Module Setup Tool screen, select Tender Requests Installer.
  5. Select the desired Object View(s) from the Select Object drop-down.

    Installation Complete Notification
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