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Tender Request for Non-Collaborati Vendors

In this article we have information about how to create a tender request for Non-Collaborati Vendors.

Tender Request functionality is designed to be utilized by clients with Collaborati Spend Management (CSM) 4.0 Update 4 and later. Collaborati Spend Management users prior to version 4.0 Update 4 (4.0.4) can examine the CSM 4.0 Update 4 release notes found here for more detail.

Users are able to create and move tender requests through workflow for vendors without Collaborati. This functionality serves primarily to integrate record-keeping for these requests into the TeamConnect information base. The steps below are a comprehensive overlook on the end-to-end process of creating tender requests for a new vendor on a new matter.

Steps for Creating a Tender Request for Non-Collaborati Vendor

  1. Create a Company Contact for your desired vendor.
    1. Navigate to the Contacts tab.
    2. Select New Company from the New button.
    3. Fill in the company details and click Save and Close.
  2. Navigate to the desired object and click New.
    1. After entering in the matter name and clicking Save, navigate to the Involved link on the sidebar.
    2. Enter in a new Involved party, selecting the previously created company contact as the contact. Save and Close after entering in all desired details.
  3. Create a Budget on the object by selecting the Create Budget link from the Budgets link on the sidebar. This step is only available for users with Financial Management installed.
    1. Assign your desired vendor to the budget on the Additional Information screen and complete the allocations.
  4. Navigate to the Tendering tab and select Create Tender Requests. See the Installing Tender Request Screens page for more information if you cannot see this tab.
    1. Make sure that your vendor is selected and upload any desired documents. After completing the setup, the tender request will generate with the status "Not Submitted."
    2. Click the name of the Tender Request to open it for editing.
  5. Change the phase to "Send to Vendor Review" for editing. This phase status essentially serves as a stand-by. The Vendor Proposed allocations are only editable in this phase. Once the status is moved to "Approved," the values will no longer be editable.

Note: The History tab will record all changes to the allocations upon save. A user can change the values and save the request as many times as desired to record the changes in the History audit.

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