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TCBI Plugin Upgrade and Version Check Guide

This guide will explain how to install the TCBI plugin in your system and how to verify the version of the installed TCBI components on your computer.

How to upgrade the TCBI Plugin?

This section will give the step by step installation process of TeamConnect Business Intelligence plugin.

  1. Open TCBI Plugin Installer folder provided by Mitratech Click on the Installer icon with the Application file type (do not click on the Installer folder).
  2. Select Run as Administrator from the options displayed on the screen. A pop-up window with a message will be displayed on the screen as shown below. Click on Yes.
  3. The TeamConnect Business Intelligence Setup pop-up will appear. Enter your administrator credentials and the site URL, then click Next.
  4. The Choose file location screen will display. Click on Install if you are satisfied with the location.
  5. TeamConnect Business Intelligence will begin installing in the next screen. Once it is finished loading, you will be taken through the Setup screens in order to finish the installation. Click Finish when this screen appears.
  6. Verify the version number when the installation is complete to see if the update was properly done or not.
  7. Go to your system's Control Panel and select Programs and Features to check the version number of TCBI plugin.
  8. Restart all the Sisense services.

How to check Version Number for TCBI components?

In TCBI there are three major components namely ECube, Report Integrations and TeamConnect Business Intelligence. In this section we will be giving information about how to check the version numbers for all the three components.

To check version numbers for:


Navigate to below given location: TCBI_Plugin_Installer\TCBI_Plugin_Installer\Installer\TCBI_Install_Package-88\TeamConnect. Click on the Version.txt file.

Report Integrations:
  1. To check version number for report integrations, users need to login into TeamConnect and then navigate on the Tools tab. From the options Select Report Integration.