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On-Prem Clients: Prep Steps to Promote TCBI Environments (Dev to Test to Prod)

Prep steps to promote TCBI Environments (Dev to TEST to PROD) for client implementation/upgrade:(For on-premise client)

  1. Perform DB Promotion/Refresh in the Desired Way.

  2. If the source environment has TCBI configured, perform this step:
    AFTER the DB is copied to the target environment, but BEFORE starting up TeamConnect in the target environment, run the TCBI Cleanup SQL Script against the target environment TC Database. This removes the environment-specific TCBI configuration from the database, but does not uninstall TCBI.

  3. AFTER the target TeamConnect instance has been started, log into TeamConnect as an Admin User.

  4. IF the TCBI version on the source environment is different from the TCBI version on the target environment:
    Navigate to Documents > Top Level > System > Report Integration > Sisense. Check out the three files in this directory,, SisenseReportAdapter.class, SisenseReportPortlet.class, and upload the versions of them that are correct for the version of TCBI you are running in the target environment. After doing that, restart your TeamConnect instance.

  5. Navigate to Tools > Report Integration, then click the small pencil icon to edit the following integration settings:

  • Sisense Username
  • Sisense Password
  • Sisense Shared Secret
  • Client ID
  • Environment
  • Sisense eCube Name
  1. On the Sisense server, run the schema sync and data sync on the eCube for the TCBI environment.

  2. Depending on the TCBI version, you may need to do some maintenance on the Sisense Security Tables: 

  • For TCBI Version 6.1.3 or earlier, no action should be necessary. 
  • For TCBI Version 6.2.1 Patch 2 or later, remove security table using the sisense admin console and sync users in the TeamConnect report integration interface
  • For TCBI Version 6.2.0, 6.2.1, or 6.2.1 Patch 1, follow the below steps:
  1. Remove all individual user accounts for the environment from sisense, remove security table using sisense admin console, and sync users in the TeamConnect report integration interface. NOTE: before following this step, back up all dashboards by exporting the dash files and saving them on your local machine or company server. If you do not back them up, you will have to rebuild all of them. 
  2. Import the dash files for your dashboards and reshare them with the right people/groups.