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Matter Invoices Breakdown Sample Dashboard

TeamConnect Business Intelligence provides a number of sample dashboards. These dashboards can be configured to meet your specific needs, as they may not work with your system without customization and you may need to remap certain fields depending on your data model.

Matter Invoice Breakdown

The Matter Invoices Breakdown sample dashboard provides information on invoice totals by vendor, fees by (top 20) timekeepers, fees broken down by invoice code, and expenses broken down by invoice code. 


This sample dashboard includes the following widgets:

Invoice Totals by Vendor shows the net sum of all invoice line items for posted invoices and credit notes, broken out by invoice vendor. Add or remove data from this widget by using the Invoice Vendor filter.

-Matter-Invoices-Breakdown- Vendor pie chart.png

Fees by Timekeeper (Top 20) shows the net sum of all invoice line item fees for posted standard and credit note invoices, broken out by timekeeper. Filtered to the top 20 based on amount of spend. Add or remove data from this widget by using the Timekeeper filter.

Matter-Invoices-Breakdown-Fees by Timekeeper.png

Fees Breakdown by Code and Expenses Breakdown by Code show spend by billing task code. The size and color saturation indicate highest billed codes based on amount billed. Note: Fee and Expense codes can also be added manually to invoices that are created in TeamConnect. Hover over a block (field) to quickly view information about that particular fee or expense. Add or remove data by adding or removing data using the Fee Code or Expense Code filters.

Matter-Invoices-Breakdown-Fees breakdown by code.png

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