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Matter Financials Starter Dashboard

TeamConnect Business Intelligence provides a number of starter dashboards. These dashboards can be configured to meet your specific needs, as they may not work with your system without customization and you may need to remap certain fields depending on your data model.

The minimum version that supports this starter dashboard is TCBI 6.2.0

Matter Financials

The Matter Financials starter dashboard shows how a matter is performing to budget and is ideal for a tab inside the matter.

The Matter Financials sample dashboard provides users with information on open matters based on legal spend by matter type, month, vendors, and main assignee and includes the following widgets:

Budget vs. Spend is the overall indicator that shows actual spend compared to the total budget for all vendors for this matter. The number on bottom shows the spend, and the number on the right of the indicator shows total budget. You can adjusting the fiscal year to view budget and spend for a specific time period for all reports on this screen.

Matter-Financials-Budget vs spend.png

Outstanding shows the budget remaining, which is total budget for this matter minus actual spend. Accruals and Pending Invoices indicates the sum of any accruals for this matter (including submitted invoices that have not yet been approved) that are not included in spend. 


Budget vs. Spend by Vendor shows a breakdown of budget and spend for matter budgets that span multiple vendors. Clicking one vendor's data adjusts the other widgets to filter by that vendor.

Matter-Financials-Budget vs vendor.png

Spend as Percent of Budget displays spend as a percentage of budget for each account period, based on the fiscal year filter selection. This widget shows spend trends over time and determines if budgets need to be adjusted.

Matter-Financials-spendas percentage of budget.png


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