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InvoiceIQ - Vendor Comparative Dashboard

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Vendor Comparative Dashboards

TeamConnect Business Intelligence coupled with the InvoiceIQ module provides a number of starter dashboards. These dashboards can be tailored to  your individual requirements, as they might work better with customization, and you might need to remap certain fields based on your data model.

The minimum version that supports this starter dashboard is  TCE 6.3.5, TCBI 6.3.0, and InvoiceIQ 1.1.


The Comparative Dashboard shows the performance of a law firm compared to other selected law firm(s) with InvoiceIQ metric overviews using widgets. The Diversity Comparison dashboard compares the distribution of hours and fees by gender or race of one law firm with a selected law firm or group of law firms. This helps to see whether the diversity goals specific to the organizations are achieved or not. 

The most important aspect of these comparative dashboards is the ability to filter a firm and compare it to a filtered group of firms, The Vendor Comparative dashboards provide the opportunity to compare a firm with a selected firm or group of firms side-by-side (left vs right . You can select the options on the filter we generally see on the right side of the screen. All of these dashboards will have two law firm filters that control the right and left sides of the dashboard respectively. When a user applies changes to these filters, like selecting a firm or group of firms , these settings will be saved  the next sessions too. This is helpful when the comparison firms are fairly static, such as when you want to compare a firm with a group of preferred counsel firms, where you can multi-select the preferred firms in the ‘Right Side’ filter.


Note: The dashboard is most dependent on the InvoiceIQ Data.  If the client does not leverage some parts of the system, the resultant dashboard may not provide the expected insights (Widgets may be empty).  For example the Diversity Comparative Dashboard is leveraging diversity information from Collaborati.

Sample 1: This is the dashboard view, if no firms are selected for comparison in the left side and right side filters.

This shows an example where the law firm filters are not populated and no data is returned.

Note: Both the left and right side widget can be empty, if they are defaulted to a firm that doesn't exist in the environment. For the current saved dashboard, the Left Side widget defaults to a Firm that does not exist in the environment; therefore, it could be empty. But the Right Side widget is defaulted to "exclude N/A" so it cannot be empty unless there are no firm's invoices in the system.
Sample 2: This is the dashboard view if the firm(left side filter) is selected for comparison, but the firm(s) (right side filters) is/are not selected for comparison.

Sample 3: Here is the dashboard view , if no firm(left side filter is selected for comparison  along with group of firm(s).

The Left Side filter should be disabled or Removed in the widget level for all Right side widgets. It is taken that when both left and right side filters are enabled, only the left side filter is openly enabled and gives results accordingly.

By default, all the left widgets follow the "Left Side" filter, and the right side widgets follow the "Right Side" filter. The report developer shouldn't modify this setting; otherwise, the report will behave differently.

For more information about configuring embedded dashboards, please refer to this link .

MitraCodes are Mitratech’s proprietary code for categorizing activities and expenses in InvoiceIQ and it is beneficial to clients in providing insights about law firms and attorneys activities.

There are five Vendor Comparative Dashboards:

  • Diversity Comparison
  • Fees Comparison by MitraCode
  • Expenses Comparison by MitraCode
  • Invoice Compliance Comparison
  • Timekeeper Rates Comparison

As part of the Vendor comparative dashboard, the Diversity Comparison dashboard report provides users with a quick overview of metrics, as following widgets in the dashboards:

  • Spend by Gender
  • Hours by Gender
  • Spend by Race
  • Hours by Race

Widgets include line items for invoices with MitraCodes and timekeepers with Diversity data in CSM. These widgets exclude line items without MitraCodes and timekeepers without Diversity data from CSM.