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Report Integration Tool

Note: This document is intented for internal use only.

Note: This section describes actions specific to the Report Integration Tool. If you are looking for information on how to prepare and configure TeamConnect Business Intelligence, see the TeamConnect Business Intelligence Integration Guide for your version of TeamConnect..

Adding an Integration to TeamConnect

In TeamConnect, click Tools and select Report Integrations.

  1. In the Report Integrations table, click the clipboard_e980d87b2e9ea5757d90a162a03055b23.png Edit icon in the Actions column for the integration you want to add/update.
  2.  The values displayed on the page correspond to the values in the the integration's .properties file. Type or edit the appropriate fields.
    Note that you must re-type any secured fields such as Password or SharedSecret when you are updating an integration.
  3.  Save the integration values:
    • If this is the first time the values are being saved, click the Add Report Integration button.
    • If you are updating a value, be sure to completely type in the values that are obfuscated (such as Shared Secret and Password) and click the Update Report Integration button.
  4. Click the Sync User and Groups button.

Syncing Users and Groups

Occasionally, you may need to manually sync users and groups. for example:

  • When the connection to the reporting server has been disrupted
  • When upgrading TeamConnect
  • When an existing user has been updated
  • When a user has been renamed and security needs to be applied

To sync users and groups:

  1. In TeamConnect, click Tools > Report Integration.
  2. Click the Sync users and groups icon in the Action column for the integration you want to sync.
  3. When the sync completes, you receive a message stating “Report Integration synced successfully.”

Syncing Report Lists

You can manually sync report lists so that you can view the latest reports in the portal panes. 

 To sync the report lists:

  1. In the Report Integration tool, click the Sync Report List icon in the Actions column.
  2. You will receive a notification when the report integration has successfully synced.


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